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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AC360's Daily Podcast

Did you miss AC360 or was your TiVo full? You really need to try AC360's new daily podcast. It's simple and it's free. You can go to the webpage to download the podcast or you can subscribe to the daily updates. If you're having trouble getting the podcast to load try installing iTunes. It's free. Enjoy!


sydney said...

I have a technical question; I don't know if anyone here has the answer: Is there an easy way to convert these files to another format? I don't have an iPod, but another MP3 player and it does not support the iTunes format. Thanks!

Araceli Elle said...

@ sydney: do you have itunes? you can just watch the podcasts on itunes. you can't put a video file on a non-video device but there are audio extractors you can download to capture just the audio from video and save it as an mp3. if you google "audio extractor" you'll get a list of sites. i don't personally use any software like this so i don't have any tips or advice on what's best or what's free, but you can give it a shot if you want! hope that helps!

Alice said...


If you go to CNN360 podcast page. You can subscribe the podcast with another software. I think you got a free trial for that software, podcast is free but software are not.

On the other hand, you can just download Itune from apple website, and watch them on the computer. Itune software is free.

At the moment the new one seem to overwrite the old one. I renamed the old one. Good luck.

My current Ipod play music only, I am saving up to get the video Ipod soon. Mothers day is coming up, that is what I want for mothers day, unless my son will wrestled it from me.

sydney said...

Yes I have iTunes, I just wanted a way to watch it on my portable device and I finally did get it worked out (with the help of some $30 software). It takes some time to convert, but I just load it in the a.m. and then I can watch while I'm eating lunch at work. Cool!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Those Repuclicans are trying to flex their political muscles,and I'm tired of them. Apparently they have forgottened they are the the ones who largely put us in the turmoil we're in now. Personally I think they are a bunch of spoiled brats and are trying to cause Pres. Obama to fail.