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Friday, April 20, 2007

No more video or gun pictures

According to a CNN memo that was obtained by Gawker, No one at CNN is to use the video or photos of VA TECH shooter, Cho. I, for one, am happy to hear this. Here's a copy of the memo from Gawker:

Subject: Cho video and gun pictures--NO MORE USEAGE!!!

Per Jon Klein

*No more use of the Cho videotape on our air.

* No more use of pictures of Cho with guns.

Media Operations is in the process of killing out of the system all vo's and sots with still pictures of Cho holding guns plus all video of him talking. The John King package, First Killing Why?, and the Sean Callebs pkg. Cho the Early Years have been updated using appropriate video. All packages are being updated on a per request basis. The library will be archiving the original versions of the packages, but these can only be run per approval from Standards and Practices.


copperfish.jungle said...

I wonder how that memo will now affect the SIU of Soledad O' Brien.

bede said...

After playing these images in a loop for what seems like hours on end, CNN has finally grown a conscience. I'm amazed!

the_devil_wears_prada_only_on_sale said...

Media Operations is in the process of killing out of the system all vo's and sots...

Unfortunate use of the phrase "killing out". Damn, does no one vet these memos???

megan said...

Completely off topic to this post - but has anyone heard when they might try and air the LK anniversay stuff. Any dates or anything? They were going to show the Anderson special as this weeks SIU before Monday occured. I just really would love to see all the stuff the had done for LK

pink panther said...

I watched Soledad's SIU tonight. I thought it was very well done and even though they showed pics of Cho, they kept it to a minimum. The tributes at the end of the victims was very touching.

Em said...

Kudo's to Jon Klien..someone finally shows a bit of class by choosing not exploit a sensational story ad nausea.

Annie Kate said...

I watched Soledad's special (it was quite good) and she used a lot more of the pictures than I expected after Klein's ruling. A lot of it confined to the Drew Griffin piece but then others scattered throughout.

She did a good job though; very sensitive and very thorough and nicely organized. I just wish those pictures hadn't been in it.