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Sunday, April 15, 2007

No wonder AC went to Afghanistan!


BookAsylum said...

I’m visualizing AC in that field shirt we all love with LKL suspenders. LOL

megan said...

a new look for Andy to try out......suspenders. Things that make you go hum????

Sheryn said...

Oh BA that would be hysterical!

I wonder if all the anchors have to wear suspenders on air?

I really like Larry King. I think I might just add him as one of the 5 people I'd love to do lunch with!

copperfish.jungle said...

AC wearing suspenders...uummm I think it would be nice on him. He'll look more boyish.

Annie Kate said...

I want to see how the women accessorie the suspenders with their wardrobes.

AC would look good in anything but if he is in Afghanistan we won't be able to see them because of the flak jacket (bet he will be sure to wear that!). AWWWWWWW!!!!

lori said...

Good one, Phebe! I'm still laughing at "eat blueberries all day and fart in public." Let's hope the staffers refrain from a 50-toot salute...

Now, are the ladies at CNN supposed to wear suspenders, too? It's not a good look for gals with ample bosoms. Think of Chrissy on 3s Company sporting rainbow suspenders with tight cutoffs and t-shirt. It was like a cross between Doug Henning and Hooters. Bad.

I digress. Looking forward to the celebration this week!

@BA: LOL!!! Now THAT would be a fashion statement.

@sheryn: Good question about the anchors; guess we'll have to wait and see. Lunch with Larry would be fun.