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Monday, April 16, 2007

American Morning with John Roberts & Kiran Chetry

This morning was the premier of CNN American Morning's new anchors, John Roberts and Kiran Chetry. I live on the West Coast and there in lies the problem with American Morning, for me. It would take an amazing morning show to get my attention at 3 AM. I don't think that's going to happen, but I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed my recording of the show at a more civil hour. There was Ali Velshi talking money, Bill Schneider analyzing the polls, Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussing Governor Corzine's injuries, Arwa Damon from Bagdad, General Petraeus discussing the surge, Presidential candidate John Edwards, Larry King, Andrea Koppel, Wolf Blitzer, James Carville, Paul Begala and Christiane Amanpour. I must say seeing Christiane coming to us from Las Vegas did make me laugh out loud. That poor woman can't seem to escape from doing remotes in the desert.
Any guesses as to why Ms. Chetry is flashing the girls at Larry King? She, and the others at CNN are actually honoring Mr. King for 50 years in broadcasting. According to JR we'll be seeing suspenders on all of our favorite CNN personalities today. I can't wait to see if Anderson has them on over his flak jacket in Afghanistan.
A good bit of LK's interview was spent debating whether the team should be split between New York and Washington, DC. I actually like John coming to us from Washington, especially if the show is going to be more hard news, less fluff. Instead of asking John why he doesn't move to New York I think the question should be why doesn't Kiran move to Washington? If this show wants to show it's dedication to covering politics and our government Washington should be its base.

If you're a regular reader of our sister blog, All Things Anderson, you know I'm an interior designer by profession and a stickler for design details. What caught my eye this morning were the chairs that were purchased for new American Morning team. Larry King must not weigh more than 130 pounds soaking wet and I bet Kiran doesn't tip the scale much over 100 pounds. Look at how they fit in the chairs. Now imagine, if you will, some normal, or God forbid, overweight person trying to smush their posterior into the those Ikea nightmares. Set design needs to come with a caveat: Please don't attempt this without the help of a professional.
I guess if that's my worst criticism of the show that's not too bad. I still won't be getting up at 3AM, unless they add Anderson Cooper to the team. Until then I'll be Tivo-ing.


sydney said...

I wouldn't even get up at 3:00 a.m. for Anderson - I needs me beauty sleep! :-)

Fortunately (well, maybe not today - the weather, ugh), I live on the East Coast so the next time I'm home during the week, I'll have to give the show a peek - sounds like a good mix.

Annie Kate said...

That picture of Kiran showing her suspenders is a hoot. I wonder if Anderson will bother with suspenders - he as the perfect excuse not to with all the protective gear. Would be cute on him though....

Sounds like quite a line up. I think the big story for today is happening now - the school shooting at Virginia Tech. Right now they are calling it the worst massacre in US history at a school. I remember (and before you date me - I was very very young when this happened - VERY young!!) Charles Whitman and the shooting at the school in Texas. From what I remember my mother saying though he had a brain tumor that made him go crazy and that explained that shooting. Wonder what the motive for this one was. So very sad.

Annie Kate said...

Oh, I forgot - John Roberts looks very very nice in his suspenders. Very nice indeed!

BookAsylum said...

Oh yea! I'm glad to hear that Ali is still on in the morning. The few times that I had seen the previous version of the show- I always enjoyed his reports.

I hope JR & Kiran can make the multi-city anchoring work- that way no one has to move. Who says the anchors have to be in the same studio each morning?

copperfish.jungle said...

JR and WB looking great in their suspenders. What a funny way to pay tribute to LK"s golden year in the broadcast industry.

Purple Tie said...

Thanks for the review. Lord knows, even though I live on the east coast, I probably will never see it. As my friends know, I'm not a morning person. 360's time is much more my speed.

JRHot said...

John really looked good with those suspenders. Of course, I always thought he looked good out of his jacket. He did a great job.