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Monday, April 16, 2007

CNN Suspends Larry King's Anniversary Programming

CNN Suspends Larry King's Anniversary Programming For Now....CNN says: Larry is going to broadcast live on the breaking news out of Virginia Tech Monday and Tuesday night. He is suspending his anniversary programming for now."

On a related note "Anderson Cooper is returning from Afghanistan -- special live AC360 programs from there have been cancelled."


copperfish.jungle said...

I'm currently watching Paula Zahn for the breaking news about the VTC tragedy. Maybe that's the reason why AC had left Afghanistan in haste.

sydney said...

I've been to this lovely campus (I actually came very close to attending this school). This has to be absolutely devastating not just to the students, but the surrounding town. It's such a nice, quiet area.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is on his way back from Afghanistan as per John King tonight.

Pixie said...

As horrific as the VT situation is, I hope Anderson isn't returning because of it. CNN already has so many people in that small town, and with so little information being released, there is just so much speculation to go around. I've watched CNN almost all day, and I can't see what Anderson can contribute beyond all the other voices.

I was really looking forward to hearing what is REALLY going on in Afghanistan, and I'm sorry we are going to miss his insight and reports.