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Monday, April 16, 2007

CNN has the VA Tech story covered

CNN has over 100 personal on the way to Virginia or already there according to Inside Cable News.

On air reports/anchors on scene:

Anderson Cooper
John Roberts
Kiran Chetry
Soledad O’Brien
John King
Brianna Keilar
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Jim Acosta
John Zarrella
T.J. Holmes
Deb Feyerick
David Mattingly
Greg Hunter
Gary Tuchman
Ted Rowlands
Jeanne Meserve
Drew Griffin
Heidi Collins
Sean Callebs
Elizabeth Cohen
Jim Clancy
Keith Oppenheim
Kyung Lau


Annie Kate said...

Is Anderson there already?? I thought the interview we saw of him was an old tape and that he was still on the way. John young is still on live and says Anderson is "on his way".

It does seem that everyone at CNN is there in that little town. Hope the town has enough hotels. Just think with the parents of the victims, all the news people from all the stations. Its going to be a crowded week.

copperfish.jungle said...

That was an army of reporters to cover the VTC story. I should be expecting a blow by blow account of what really transpired and how it came to be.

Amanda said...

No offense guys but you might want to source where you get this stuff.... just saying

Purple Tie said...

Amanda, you are right. I usually do and thought I had for this post. I got offline right after thinking I had. Thanks for pointing it out. The last thing I want to do is to give the impression that we don't source. Thanks. I'll add it.