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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Story Can Become Personal

Yesterday JR added a post to the AC360 Blog that told of his personal connection to the VT tragedy. Here's the post:

Monday, April 16, 2007
Shaken by the shooting half a nation away
It's incidents like the Virginia Tech shooting that remind you how close to home -- and how far from home violence can hit. My son's best friend is a senior at Virginia Tech. My son is a senior at the University of Colorado. He hadn't heard about the shooting until my wife phoned him at around 11:45 this morning. He dropped off the line almost instantly, frantically dialing his friend. There are 26,000 students at Virginia Tech, but you just never know. He got through; his friend was alright. Shaken up like every other student on campus, but alive and well. Half a nation away, my son was as shaken as the students at Virginia Tech. In addition to his friend, he told his mother, he knows about 100 other students in Blacksburg. Many of them were friends from high school, flung far and wide across the nation -- now drawn together by fear and grief.
-- By John Roberts, CNN Anchor
Posted By CNN: 7:11 PM ET

This morning JR did an update and interview with his son's best friend, Tom Woods. As Kiran added, after John's interview, the situation in Viriginia is every parent's nightmare.


Purple Tie said...

I just saw John talking about it before the convocation and he got a little emotional. I always appreciate genuine feelings and I think it makes me truly understand how people are feeling on the ground... that is something we can't always get from television or the papers.

JRHot said...

Seeing John break made me break. God didn't bless me with a child but I know how I would feel if it had been one of my nieces or nephews......
John brings the news closer and puts you in it rather than just listening to it, you are part of it.

copperfish.jungle said...

I think it was really like that. A best friend of a son/daughter is like already your own. So I can't blame JR if the story has shaken him.