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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

John Roberts' Podcast

On May 3rd John Roberts spoke to WFAN – NY radio station. They've posted the podcast of their discussion on their website: . It's a great political discussion that centers around the Congressional funding bill, the veto and Republican Presidential debate. JR's comments on the debate were done before they took place and he was interestingly close in his predictions of its outcome.
Great thanks to Book Asylum for the find.


JRHot said...

That was really interesting to see how close he came to calling what happened. Thanks Phebe, for the good picture of John also. I liked his casual look this morning. He looks great without a tie. Of course, he looks great with a tie also! :) Yesterday, he was in jeans.......looked good in those also. He just looks good!

megan said...

I have to agree with jrhot JR just plain looks good. He looked really good this morning with no tie.

BookAsylum said...

I loved that Laura Ingraham asked him "Is it tie-less Tuesday, John?" this morning.

JR's comment this morning "Little 14-month-old Petri dishes are so cute." was adorable.