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Monday, May 7, 2007

Lou Dobbs on 60 Minutes

Sunday night's CBS 60 Minutes was dominated by CNN. Not only did we see a very interesting segment on Jackson Pollack by Anderson Cooper, but also an in-depth look at Lou Dobbs. Lesley Stahl introduced LD as an "anti business champion of the middle class". She categorized his CNN show as "a nightly rage fest". It was pointed out that LD hasn't always been this concerned about the middle class. "But when the corporate corruption scandals broke in 2001 Dobbs said he felt betrayed and began attacking those CEO's for their greed and for selling out American workers by outsourcing jobs overseas."
There were a few of those patented 60 Minute uncomfortable moments in the Dobbs interview. When questioned on some of the facts and figures LD has used on air Dobbs said "I can tell you this, if we reported it, it's a fact". When asked how he could be so certain of that Dobbs said "Because I'm the managing editor and that's the way we do business".

The show also touched on Dobbs' childhood in Texas and rural Idaho. He grew up poor but went on to graduate from Harvard.
We were introduced to Dobb's wife of 25 years Debbie, whom he met when she was a sportscaster at CNN. There was a brief mention that Mrs. Dobbs is a Mexican-American. Though not said, it seemed implied that because of Dobbs' childhood jobs, working in the fields with migrant workers and his wife's heritage, he knows of what he speaks when it comes to immigrant issues.
Dobbs 97 year old mother and his in-laws were also included in the piece. They live with he and his wife on a farm in New Jersey along with 25 horses, 4 dogs and various other pets.

Asked if he thinks he's a journalist Dobbs said "I may be an advocacy journalist, but I'm a journalist". He also added that he insists that his audience know where he's coming from when he reports a story. Not a problem, Lou. I think you've made your viewpoint abundantly clear.


BookAsylum said...

I thought the 60 Minutes segment was fascinating. LD driving a John Deer- that's the last thing that I ever expected to see! I knew about his Moneyline days, but had never realized exactly what the catalyst had been for the transformation into the current activist that we see today. How many of us could live with our mother and our in-laws? Of course, maybe living on a compound makes a difference.

megan said...

Phebe, thanks for posting the recap of Lou Dobbs on 60 Minutes. I found the piece to be very informative. I had no idea that Lou's wife of 25 years was Mexician-American. I think like most people, Lou does not have issue with immigration but rather illegal immigration. Lou's mom and in-laws were so cute :)

beaslma said...

I couldn't believe he commutes 3 hours back and forth a day. I mean geeze get an apartment in the city. no wonder he is so cranky.

I liked the piece but the 60 minutes lady (whose name i can't remember) already formed her opinion on Lou before the show. She kept talking about his "lack of objectivity" and you could tell she was struggling with that as well.

If he were on any other news network his actions would not be tested but such as the CNN curse. I can’t say I like Lou Dobbs, I think he’s passionate about what he is reporting on, I think it’s a great issue to discuss I just don’t like his style. That said two months ago I didn’t care for Glen Beck and have been disgusted with myself for catching his show a few times the last few months and agreeing with him.

Oh well….

peace and love among men said...

Lou Dobbs seems to have answers to all the issue that we are confronted with in America. My question to Lou is "why are you not running for President of the United States. You are in the wrong business. I Love CNN but when you come on I turn it off. I also encourage others to do so as well. I'm for peace not your twisted views and unfairness amoung our fellow man. I pray that you never face tough times. I know you all have a story to tell of how poor you grew up. Bologna!!! I don't buy it!! If so then you would see the need to help others who struggle today.