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Monday, June 11, 2007

Kiran Chetry Interviews a Champ

Some interviews don't go nearly as well as others.

Thanks to AnnieKate for sending this our way.


Lavendar Blue said...

This video completely made my day. Awkward!

megan said...

OMG I should not have watched this at work...I wanted to laugh out loud so badly but I held it in :)
Poor is horrible when the interviewee doesn't say much. I have to agree lavendar blue......very awkward but completely funny :P

Annie Kate said...

I felt sorry for her too and I usually just find her irritating. I'm sure she wanted to be anywhere but where she was. And that boy - he acted so much more grown up when he interviewed with AC. Guess its the age!

Megan said...

I don't remember Anderson interviewing this kid......Anderson did interview Matthew Evans but he did not win thr Spelling Bee

Annie Kate said...

@Megan - I thought AC interviewed the winner and spelled for him. Didn't ATA have a clip of it? You probably are right though - one teenage boy looks just like another one to me at that age!!

sydney said...

I saw this on The Daily Show - you know JS had fun with it!