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Friday, June 15, 2007

Paula Zahn out?

From TVNewser

"Zahn Is Losing 'Now;' Dobbs Could Get New Timeslot As Campbell Brown Joins CNN
Campbell Brown is definitely leaving NBC News for a prominent position at CNN, TVNewser has confirmed.Brown's contract with NBC expires at the end of this month. News of her new job is reverberating throughout newsrooms today.Drudge says the announcement is "imminent as final deal points are being completed."Among those points, an unimpeachable source tells TVNewser: Paula Zahn is losing her 8pm nightly broadcast.A schedule shakeup looks likely. Lou Dobbs could be moving to 7 or 8pm... "


Quitty said...

I love Campbell Brown and am excited to see her on CNN. I do think she'll replace Paula.

BookAsylum said...

Wow! She'll make a great addition to CNN. I wonder if Paula Zahn loses her time slot if she'll stay at CNN.

ACAnderFan said...

I agree with Quitt, I think Campbell Brown will replace Paula. So does this mean that Paula will no longer be with CNN???

sydney said...

But I like her and Lester Holt together on the weekend edition of the Today show!

anne carter said...

I wonder if Paula is now history?
I hope they leave 360 alone-don't touch Andy!