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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Carol Lin Reporting

Do you remember Carol Lin? When she left CNN, she was anchoring the Weekend edition of Newroom at 10pm.

Need a refresher? Well, I dug this out of the archives this evening, so here is a clip from the night that she signed off from CNN for the last time:

An excerpt below of her parting words (from the CNN Transcript) on December 30, 2006:

One of the great writers on my team gave me a card tonight with a photo of a ladder reaching for the heavens. And it reads "And the dreamer began to climb."

Nearly four years ago, I just wanted a good war to cover and a chance to tell your story. Well, be careful for what you wish for. I had Kosovo, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and 9/11.

And then there was the unexpected battle and the one that I lost. My husband's cancer.

So many people have asked me what's next? Well, one of projects is a blog book that will serve as an online investigation into our healthcare system. Who gets the cures and who doesn't and the heroes who held our hands.

She recently started a website: Carol Lin Reporting. It's still in the early stages of development, but she's still looking for stories to tell.


Phebe said...

I really enjoyed Carol Lin and was so sorry to see her leave CNN. Hopefully she'll accomplish bigger and better things.

Sheryn said...

I agree with Phebe. I'm sad that Carol Lin left CNN. She, Daryn Kagan and Judy Woodruff were among the female anchors that I truly miss.

I hear Ms. Kagan also has her own website and I see Ms. Woodruff on PBS nightly.

Thanks for the update on Carol, BA!