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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

CNN On The Go ~ Podcasting

So let me tell you about my favourite shiny toy. It is too me the best investment I have ever made. It’s my iPod!!! I take it everywhere I go. I listen to it everywhere. Between music and videos, audio books and podcasts it is to me the best thing I could have ever bought. Ever since the launch of Anderson Cooper’s new daily podcast, I had been curious to know if any other CNN shows or personalities had podcasts of their own. Well boy was I surprised when I went to iTunes and found over 29 CNN related podcasts.

The following is a break down of podcasts on podcast page:

CNN News Update (hourly audio)
Business Update (2x/day audio)
Anderson Cooper 360° Daily
The CNN Daily (daily video)In Case You Missed It (daily video)
Now in the News (daily video)
CNN Student News (daily video)

The Larry King Podcast (weekly)
CNN Heroes
Quest on Quest
Nancy Grace Cross Exam
All Access (weekly)
Sick Twisted Freak: The Glenn Beck Show (weekly)Paging Dr. Gupta (weekly)
The Gryst (weekly)
SHOWandTELL (weekly)
Reliable Sources (weekly)
Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer (weekly)

On Screen (daily)
Miles Post
You Can't Make This Stuff Up (weekly)
The Ali V Podcast (weekly)
Around the Track
Minding Your Business (weekly)
The Lou Dobbs Commentary
Race to '08

Audio Special Programming
Battlefield Breakdown: The Full Price of War in Iraq
Summer of Love
Plight of the Refugee
Going Green, Going Broke?
Fit/Fat Mailbag

With such a diverse choice of news reporting you can practically take CNN on the go with you where ever you go or like we have been told many times “you don’t need a stinkin' iPod”. All these podcasts are available free from or iTunes ("cause the kids are all using the iTunes" - thanks for the quotes AC, quiet timely), so you just need a computer. Happy podcasting!!!!


BookAsylum said...

I'm a podcast addict- I love being able to have stuff automatically downloaded & waiting for me when I get back to my computer.

Sheryn said...

Thanks for the list of podcasts. Quite frankly, I only download AC360's but I remember watching the commercial on CNN for their podcasts and now I have in my head, "WATCH THE GRYST!" LOL!

Em said...

Gotta love the Ipod. It has been a lifesaver on long trips for me and Mr Em. We have very diverse tastes in music and now I don't have to be "nice" and listen to music that just plain annoys me. It is great for air travel as well. I am a light sleeper and could never nap on the plane until I got my Ipod. Although it may not so good for the person sitting next to me,Mr Em says I have a tendency to sing (badly) and talk in my sleep when I am wearing the Ipod! Not good! The biggest perk...taking Anderson with me whenever I travel!