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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Erica Hill's Two Special Guys!!!

Since today is the 4th of July and not the busiest of news days I was very excited when I got an article from our own Ms. Purple Tie today about Erica Hill and her wedding to lawyer David Yount on October 15, 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia. How happy does Erica look in this photo!!! I am a hugh fan of Erica's so I wanted to share with all our readers this terrific article about Erica's wedding. (Note: the link will take you to a web page where you need to set up an account, once the account is set up, a PDF file should open up with the article. The article has more photos so it is worth checking out)

In case your computer is not PDF compatible, the article was taken from

When Erica Hill and David Yount talked about getting married, they always imagined themselves barefoot on the beach, exchanging vows amongst family and friends. But after David, a third year law student at John Marshall Law School, proposed in May 2004 to Erica, a news anchor for CNN Headline News and co-host of Prime News Tonight, airing nightly at 9 p.m. (est), they realized that their hectic schedules would preclude their original plan. However while they didn’t get married at the water’s edge, there’s one element of their dream wedding they didn’t abandon. “It’s the people there surrounding you who really make the day what it’s supposed to be, and we were surrounded by the most important people in our lives,” Erica recalled of her and David’s nuptials, which took place at the historic Trolley Barn in Atlanta’s Inman Park. The bride and groom chose the location not only because it has great character, but also because it’s nestled in the garden suburb neighborhood they have called home since 2003. And they knew that their adopted hometown would be an ideal setting for a long overdue family-and-friend reunion. The festivities actually started three days before the wedding, as most of the 200 guests began trickling into Atlanta from as far away as England, France and Korea. In between the last-minute details, Erica and David met the arriving attendees for dinners and outings around the city. Then with everyone finally together in one place, Erica, wearing an elegant Kirstie Kelly-designed gown and a veil crafted by her mother, and David, in a Tallia Uomo tuxedo, pledged their lives to each other in a sunset ceremony personally written by them and performed by their dear friend Michaela Pereira, who has known the couple since they met in 1999 while working at ZDTV in San Francisco. According to Erica “[Michaela] really brought it to life for us.”

“Anyone can write a ceremony,”David added,“but to act it out and have it be what you envisioned when you wrote the words on the paper is a totally different thing. Michaela orchestrated it beautifully.” That included coordinating the 10 guests who participated in the ceremony by reading quotes about love and marriage, as well as stopping the proceedings
for a moment as a New Orleans-style band (from a wedding taking place at a nearby church) paraded past the Trolley Barn playing lively jazz music—an unexpected touch that enthralled everyone. To keep the momentum of the evening going, Erica and David, who planned the wedding themselves, also decided to host the reception at the Trolley Barn. So after the ceremony, the caterer transformed the venue’s patio into the reception site, with tables adorned by fallinspired centerpieces of sunflower topiaries, pumpkins,Granny Smith apples and leaves. But before the newlyweds joined their guests, who were enjoying delectable fare from Masterpiece Events’ chef-attended stations, they spent a few moments alone. With champagne glasses in hand, they strolled down their very own street for the first time as husband and wife.

“It was about 7 p.m. by this point, and the light was sort of magical. We were where we are comfortable—in our own neighborhood— and there was no one else around us. We were allowed to be ourselves, and it was relaxing,” David declared. “That’s my favorite memory.” When they returned to the reception, they danced their first dance to Sade’s By Your Side, feasted on both carrot cake and chocolate midnight cake from Alon’s Bakery and partied until the early morning hours with their favorite people, including their five bridesmaids and six groomsmen, who wore mango chiffon A-line dresses by Jim Hjelm and classic Tommy Hilfiger tuxedos, respectively. And although their schedules thwarted their plans again, this time for a traditional honeymoon, they do plan to take a much deserved vacation when David passes the bar. Until then they are content to reminisce fondly about their perfect wedding. “It was the most incredible weekend,” Erica commented. “It absolutely exceeded our expectations, and I can’t imagine having done it any other way.”

I also want to share a photo of Erica and David son Weston Robert who was born on November 26, 2006 shortly after his parents one year anniversary.

I unfortunately I could not find any recent photos of Weston. I am sure he has got much bigger since this photo was taken. This photo was taken soon after Weston was born and was shown on CNN and Headline News Shows. Hopefully Erica will share some recent photos with the viewers on Prime Time News with Erica Hill and Anderson Cooper 360


I just want to take a quick minute to wish everyone a very Happy Independence Day. On this 4Th of July, I wish you all a fantastic day with family, friends, fun and fireworks!!! I also want to say a quick thank you to all our men and women in uniform who are fighting so bravely in continuing the fight to bring us the freedom we are all enjoying today

Happy 4th of July to all the ATC readers!!!!


Purple Tie said...

Awwww, they're so cute! Erica seems so sweet. It's nice to know she's happy :)

Anonymous said...

Awww! Erica. She's so adorable.

I was trying to access All Things Anderson earlier and everytime I did, my browser crashed. This happened with both Firefox and Safari, so there might be something broken and crash-causing in the latest entry.

BookAsylum said...

Great post! It looks like she had a great day for her wedding!

copperfish said...

@Sapphire, love your post! Erica looked dashing and beautiful. I guess all brides really looked that way when it's their time to walk the aisle.

Anonymous said...

I hope see gets her own show on CNN one day

I think Prime News would be a great fit.

Sapphire said...

I personally think Erica is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and she just seems to have a radiant personality. She geneuinely is very likable and I really enjoy watching her on both her own show on Headline News and on AC360

I absolutely love her wedding dress......classic and elegant. You can never go wrong with that combo

Weston is so cute and I would love it if she would show pics of them doing crazy mother/son stuff :P

Evelyn said...

Thanks for this post! I tried to look around for pics like these but never found any. She looks so genuinely happy and radiantly beautiful :)

I love Erica!! She is smart, beautiful, and funny. What more could you want in a woman? David is a lucky guy. Her son is also really adorable. This reminds me of when she was leaving for maternity leave and The Shot was a video of a baby laughing dedicated to her, it was so cute.

I always look forward to AndErica banter every night, always a fun time :)