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Monday, July 2, 2007

Heidi Collins Public Service Announcement

In today's post:

Heidi Collins PSA

Did you know that Heidi Collins was named the Official Spokesperson for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness?

This is an excerpt from a November 2006 press release from

Heidi’s journey with celiac disease began shortly after she finished graduate school and began her first television job as an anchor at a station in Wichita Falls, Texas. About one year after she started this job, she learned she was pregnant, news that thrilled both Heidi and her husband Matt. The couple kept the secret for quite some time, but finally six months into the pregnancy, Heidi announced on air that she would be having a baby. Sadly, just a few weeks after announcing her pregnancy, Heidi lost the baby. She received very little explanation from her doctors about why the tragic loss had occurred other than from fetal demise.


However, Heidi continued to deal with stomach pains, severe headaches and anemia. The constant health issues grew nearly intolerable as she moved to CNN’s New York office. She continued visiting doctors until finally after 15 years of one health problem after another, her general practitioner diagnosed her with celiac disease. With one simple blood test, Heidi had found a diagnosis that would allow her to work toward a cure for her chronic medical conditions and an answer as to why her pregnancy had failed.

“Through being the spokesperson for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, I hope to significantly reduce the time it takes for people with celiac disease to be accurately diagnosed and empower people to reclaim their health and restore their lives,” Collins said. “It is through the power of my personal story and my ongoing struggle with celiac disease that I hope to encourage people to get tested and make a positive change in their lives.”

Collins has also done a Celiac Disease Public Service Announcement:

(Posted to YouTube by Vanessa41283)


Richard Quest

Richard Quest spoke at a Qatar Airways gala held at the Frederick P. Rose Hall - Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York on June 28, 2007.

Excerpts from a Qatar Airlines Press Release:

Qatar Airways rounded off its New York launch celebrations on Thursday night with a star-studded gala dinner in the country’s financial capital.

Celebrities from across the New York social, business and entertainment scene joined Qatar Airways at the launch party, held in The Allen Room – a spectacular venue at the city’s Jazz at Lincoln Center, just off Broadway.

Richard Quest and wife
(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)
(Correction: This photo was mislabeled by Getty Images. As we surmissed, in comments, it is actually Kiran Chetry and Richard Quest. Lots of thanks for the confirmation from CNN's excellent PR department.)

Master of ceremonies for the event was actress Andie MacDowell. She introduced the stellar line-up for the evening, including CNN International TV presenter and host of “CNN Business Traveller,” Richard Quest, together with host of the night, Qatar Airways Chief Executive Office Akbar Al Baker, who spoke of his pride in finally bringing Qatar Airways and its Five Star service to New York.

Quest, who logs in excess of 300,000 air miles each year, spoke lovingly of the way travel has changed, with more and more people able to traverse the globe.

He said: “The addition of Qatar Airways’ award-winning service to the United States means that we – the travellers and frequent flyers – all win.”


Birthday News

Happy Birthday, tomorrow (July 3rd), to CNN Newroom's prime-time weekend anchor, Rick Sanchez!


Sapphire said...

Dang............Richard Quest's wife looks like Kiran Chetry!!!!!!! (At least to me anyway :P)

Happy Birthday Ricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Noticed you were not on Newsroom this weekend and I hope your not off doing some crazy story, although you are the best at them.

Thanks for posting the Heidi Collin's PSA. Very good indeed!

Purple Tie said...

Yeah, I was just getting ready to post... isn't that Kiran Chetry?

Purple Tie said...

Oops forgot, interesting stuff about Heidi Collins. I had no idea about that.

BookAsylum said...

KC & RQ's wife could pass as twins, couldn't they?

Phebe said...

I'm adding my vote that it's Kiran not Mrs. Quest.
And a very happy birthday to Mr. Sanchez.

Evelyn said...

ok i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks that is kiran chetry...