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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Paris Hilton of Morning News?

screencaps and clips by book asylum*Opinion Post by Phebe*
When it was announced that Kiran Chetry was to be teamed with John Roberts for American morning I felt a bit sorry for her. No, not because she would be working with JR but because Turner's press release went on and on about Roberts' qualifications. When it came to Chetry, Jon Klein said, "As for Kiran, we've watched her light up the screen for years. , and we are thrilled that she was able to join our team. She's a breath of fresh air and brings a delight to work with, and it's no wonder she's already been embraced by CNN viewers." In essence, I read that as he's the brains and she's the beauty? Now I'm thinking that Jon Klein might have hit the nail on the head. I'm finding Kiran to be an extremely attractive news anchor. But there seems to be little substance behind the pretty face.
This was really driven home last week when Betty Nguyen subbed for Chetry. Her interviews were stronger, the banter between JR and Betty was funnier and her news delivery much smoother, just an all around better fit. And, Betty also has that 'it' factor that lights up the screen.
I don't have any grand illusions that Nguyen will ever replace Chetry on AM, I've seen how Klein works. But it's a shame to see American Morning dragged down by a substandard, but attractive co-anchor. John Roberts deserves better. I'll leave you with a few chuckles that demonstrate what I'm talking about.

From July 10th American Morning....


From May 29th's American Morning....



Sheryn said...

Thanks for the post Phebe. I know in the beginning when Kiran first came on the scene subbing for Anderson, she took a lot of heat initially from bloggers and you cautioned everyone to give her a fair chance.

Given those clips and other segments I have seen, coupled with the professional job Betty N does on the weekends, I definitely agree with you on your assessment.

One other note, it pains me when any press release comes from an executive praising the accomplishments of a man and touting the PEPPY Sunshine of the woman. How archaic JMHO.

JRHot said...

I tried to give her time to get "n the groove" in the morning but it just wasn't happening. My hubby kept telling me that she couldn't be as bad as I said. Last week while on vacation, I still turned the TV on at 6:00 to watch JR (I know I'm bad!). By the end of the week, hubby admitted that I was right....there are better female anchors. Betty N did a great job when she filled in. I just have one question......when Kiran is standing up, is there a reason why she cannot stand still??? She is constantly moving her legs, hips, something when she stands. If her shoes hurt her, then switch them and wear something comfortable. Sorry, but her movements are a distraction.

the book faerie said...

don't like her. i don't think she's a good fit. and that last clip is just inexcusable, imo. the Husband can't STAND her. he's still pining for soledad (and was greatly pleased to see that segment on AC360 last night).

and i agree with you too, sheryn.

the book faerie said...

also, how does klein expect the show to have any credibility with her reporting like that??

lori said...

ooh, I wouldn't want her as my anesthesiologist...

Sure, she's cute and bubbly, but for someone who has been praised for "lighting up the screen," she's a rather dim bulb. John Roberts deserves better.

Em said...

I can't comment on American Morning cause I just don't get up early enough to watch..4 a.m. here! However, a major anchor who doesn't know the meaning of the word euthanize..ugggh! John didn't even chuckle at her mistake and she really sounded clueless. Whether you like his delivery or not, you have to admit John is a solid journalist. My comment to Jon Klein would be if he hired an individual with the idea that they could anchor one of his major broadcasts, he should be able to say more than "they light up the screen." That only works in the movies. Most of us expect a little more substance from our anchors. The term "anchor" itself intimates someone solid and reliable. AC takes a lot of heat for being "pretty" but he has the field experience to back up those good looks. Broadcasts like that are just plain embarassing for CNN and must be extremely frustrating for John.

BookAsylum said...

I wouldn't want her taking my pet to the vet either!

Cyn said...

She also doesn't understand how a "throw" works when speaking to someone via satellite. And she frequently asks questions that show that she isn't listening. Maybe that's due to the voices in her earpiece, but she's supposed to be used to that.

I feel bad for John Roberts whenever I watch. He deserves better. And maybe she brings in the male viewers, but she makes me hit the mute button constantly.

Sapphire said...

@ jrhot - I did the same thing on my vacation this week....woke up and watched AM during 6-7 then went back to sleep....LOL I am so glad to hear I am not the only one.

As to Kiran.....I don't mind her but after watching Betty with John, I really liked that pairing better. maybe they should put Betty on AM and Kiran on Newsroom. Just a thought. Or give her like a half hour show on Saturday or Sunday that has to do with pop culture or something. I am not saying totally get rid of her but use her in a more suited way for her and her personality JMHO!!!!!

kyoko said...

I think Kiran tries too hard. She appeared to try and dominate the brief anchoring stint she did on '360'.

Anonymous said...

i would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see and hear more of John Roberts and Betty Nguyen than John and Kiran. Kiran does not give a smooth and solid delivery. Also, Kiran does not seem very intelligent when she is on the show.

Anonymous said...

Betty can be unprofessional, but she's incredibly good looking, and bright.

Kiran is a rubberhead, but attractive as well.