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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Breaking News.....You Can Trust CNN!

I don’t know about you all but I always have a bad feeling when I am watching TV and the “Breaking News” icon breaks during the show I am watching. Well Wednesday night was no different. From the moment CNN broke the news of the terrible tragedy in Minneapolis of the bridge collapsing, I knew I would get the most accurate information possible as it came in and CNN did not disappoint. Through the television, blogs and CNN’s website CNN has had comprehensive coverage since the days following this breaking news

On The Air

In Minneapolis

John Roberts (American Morning - Thursday and Friday Morning)
Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper 360 - Thursday Night)
Don Lemon (Newsroom)
Brian Todd (American Morning)
Randi Kaye (Anderson Cooper 360 – Thursday Night)
Greg Hunter (American Morning)
Gary Tuchman (Anderson Cooper 360 - Thursday and Friday Night)
Mary Snow (Situation Room)
Soledad O’Brien (SIU – Road to Ruin – Are We Safe?)
Drew Griffin (SIU – Road to Ruin – Are We Safe?)

In New York

Paula Zahn (Paula Zahn Now - Wednesday and Thursday Night)
Randi Kaye (Anderson Cooper 360 – Wednesday Night)
Tom Foreman (Anderson Cooper 360)
Kiran Chetry (American Morning)

In Atlanta

Erica Hill (Prime News with Erica Hill)
Christi Paul (Headline News)
Fredericka Whitfield (Newsroom Wednesday Morning 1:00AM- 5:00AM)
Kyra Phillips (Newsroom)

In Washington

Wolf Blitzer (Situation Room - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday / Larry King Live - Wednesday Night)

In Los Angeles

Anderson Cooper (Wednesday Night)
Larry King (Larry King Live - Thursday and Friday Night)


Not every story can make it on air and thankfully we have blogs that can tell us stories we might not have known about from a first hand prospective. I pulled parts from the blogs that have been posted that really got to me

What the divers might face
When I heard that a bridge collapsed over the Mississippi River, I immediately thought the worst. Growing up in Memphis, which is also on the Mississippi, I have heard the dangers of the river my entire life, including the strong currents and murky waters.
-- By Kay Jones, "360" Producer

Thinking about the families...
The atmosphere on board the flight is strange. Or perhaps I'm just imagining it. I always feel odd when traveling to a place where something terrible has happened. I keep thinking of all those families waiting for word about their loved ones. It must have been an agonizing night for them, and there are many difficult hours ahead.
-- By Anderson Cooper

Expert: Collapse was one-in-a-billion
The surveillance video seen on CNN shows an event he calls one-in-a-billion; it just doesn't happen. And yet it did.
-- By Drew Griffin, CNN Correspondent

Disabled man crashes van to save himself
Marcelo had already escaped death once as a teenager when he'd been shot in a street fight, a fight that left him paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. So unlike all the other terrified drivers on the bridge yesterday, Marcelo had an added problem: how would he get out of his vehicle if he managed to survive?
-- By Jordana Miller, "360" Producer

Families carry photos of missing loved ones
It doesn't take long to spot the family members still looking for loved ones. It's heartbreaking.Some carry pictures, hoping that perhaps someone will recognize their loved one. I spoke to one woman who thinks her ex-husband may be missing; he didn't return any calls. She didn't know where to turn
-- By Mary Snow, CNN Correspondent

I just met Superwoman
Hanson rushed to the scene and then jumped across rooftops to start rescuing people from the Mississippi River. If you were watching CNN's breaking news coverage Wednesday night, you probably saw her swimming in the mangled debris looking for survivors. Shanna Hanson wasn't the only human doing superhuman things Wednesday night in Minneapolis. But one person's heroics can sometimes tell the story of many.
-- By Ed Lavandera, CNN Correspondent

This one hits close to home
I frantically started dialing her cell number and it was busy. I hung up and dialed my dad, my step-mom, my sister, friends, cells, landlines ... all busy signals. I have never heard a worse noise in my life.Moments later, my dad got through to me and let me know that he and the rest of my family were OK. What he said next would become a theme I'd hear from friends and family again and again: "I would have been on that bridge at 6 p.m. tonight if I hadn't decided to pick a file up from the office in the morning instead of swinging by on the way home."
-- By Alyssa Caplan, "360" Associate Producer

To read the complete blogs, click here

CNN Website

Some of the best footage that came through to CNN came from viewers at home who sent in I-Reports right after the bridge collapsed. I-Report is celebrating it one year anniversary today and it is seemingly eerie that this happens to coincide with the Minneapolis tragedy. I want to share just a few pictures that came in from I-Reporters from all different angles as they speak louder then any words I could write.

If you want to send in pictures or videos to CNN you can click here

The last three days have been hard on everyone but most especially the residents of Minneapolis, thankfully we have had their story told with grace and compassion from our amazing team of CNN and Headline News reporters. We at All Things CNN want to thank them for all their hard work over the past three days sharing the stories of tragedy, sacrifice, heroism, loss and hope. What they have seen must have truly had an impact on their lives as it did on ours. When breaking news happens, you can trust CNN will be there and the will be bringing us the story right!!


Phebe said...

Really great post with so much research. I had no idea there were so many reporters in Minneapolis. Thanks Sapphire, nice work.

BookAsylum said...

Great post! CNN really does excel when it comes to break news stories!

mattie said...

I thought the coverage was fantastic, I live in MN, and I thought they covered the people here perfectly. There was one notalbe exception, I turned on American Morning to see what was going on, I have quit watching it since Kiran Chetry took over, and she couldn't even get a word out of her mouth without stumbling. She also asked a question of someone that already placed blame on the democrats because they are the majority party in congress. She didn't point out that they realy haven' been there long enough to effect the bridge. I just can't watch her, I turned immediately. I did notice John King wasn't on the list. Do any of you no where he is, I hope he isn't the next CNN reporter to leave. I just read in the Washington Post on line that he is dating Dana Bash. Kind of interesting.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to watching The Situation
Room when the news broke.To see those
photos 10 mins later had such an inmpact.
Everyone at CNN did some excellent reporting
all week long.

Evelyn said...

Wow that was a really comprehensive post! Great job Sapphire!

It's like I keep telling people, when something tremendous happens in the world, CNN is the place to turn to

Purple Tie said...

Great job on the post! :)

Quitty said...

Love the post. CNN has covering breaking news stories down to a science.

Sheryn said...

Sapphire, Excellent post. So thorough!

You are right, during breaking news, CNN is the most watched news channel. They really do dedicate all of resouces available to give you the most up-to-date news.

Thanks again for the post!

Christy said...

OH wow... Thanks for the great post and all the details. I have been on a mini vacation and not able to watch much TV to get details. CNN is the first thing I found when I got home.

JRHot said...

Great post. I agree with Mattie. I just can't listen to Kiran. Too many stumbles. I have trained my ear to tune her out but I still listen to JR.
When I first saw the collapse, I just started crying. That is my nightmare. When they showed the piece about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, I could relate. I had a panic attack driving over it last year. My husband had to drive back. I just couldn't do it.