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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bridge Collapse in Minnesota

I just wanted to put up a quick note about CNN's coverage of the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Their coverage has been outstanding and in times of important news or breaking news CNN is the place that most tune into. All of us here have the people affected in our thoughts and prayers. There are a lot of moments and pieces of coverage that have been outstanding and feel free to share any thoughts you have with us.

3 comments: said...

While CNN wasn't quite able to top FOX News in total viewers (People 2+ - Fox News is very heavy 50+ and they watch a tremendous amount of television), it was able to beat the channel in the very important demographic of Adults 25-54 in key hours in prime time (8-11PM).

CNN, in its later night coverage from 9PM-3AM due to its staying with live coverage was #1 with Adults 25-54.

It was also able to rank #1 with Total viewers (2+) 11PM - 3AM, again no doubt due to it staying live with the story.

In straight primetime - 8-11PM, it was a very close race with CNN and FNC with Fox News just nipping CNN because its strength 7-9PM. 10PM turned it around for CNN and kept it that way for the rest of the night.

Adults 25 - 54 audience:
Courtesy Nielsen Media Research:

AC 360 took Adults 25-54:

10-11PM (Eastern Daylight Time):
Fox News: 1,031,000
MSNBC: 505,000
CNN: 1,188,000

11-12Md (Eastern Daylight Time):
Fox News: 748,000
MSNBC: 474,000
CNN: 913,000

J in LA

Anonymous said...

Anderson and Wolf did an outstanding job
for CNN covering this difficult story.I coould
not stop watching until the early hours of
this morning.Those ratingsa are well desevered
for AC and Wolf.It will be interesting to see
how things work out tonight and Friday.

Purple Tie said...

Thanks for adding that "J". :)