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Friday, August 17, 2007

Lend Me Your Ear for God, Sex, & Greed

Next week is scheduled to be a week of prime time specials on CNN. The week starts off Monday night at 8pm with Martin Roland.

God, Sex & Greed with Roland Martin

Has our society become corrupted and spiritually bankrupt society? Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and Jews have in common an abhorrence of modern Western life, which they say is dominated by the pursuit of pleasure. CNN contributor Roland Martin will examine that premise – to what degree our society is corrupted by materialism, greed, and lust, at the expense of our spirituality and what steps short of terrorism more moderate critics are taking to change it. There will be lots of lively talk segments with outspoken guests.


Did you notice that we were Wolf-less this week? I was starting to think they had installed a revolving door onto the Situation Room since there were so many different anchors sitting in for Wolf Blitzer. Here's the week in review:

We started off on Sunday (remember, Blitzer works 6 days a week most of the time) with Joe Johns hosting Late Edition.

Next, on Monday, we got to see John King/

Tuesday, Suzanne Malveaux hosted TSR.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday brought up Miles O'Brien.

Now, of course, I have my favorite substitute anchor. (you couldn't possibly guess who that would be, could you?) But have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Jack Cafferty hosting The Situation Room for three hours?

I imagine that it would be an interesting program.

Every now and then during TSR they turn the cameras around and you get a glimpse of the studio. They did this on Wednesday's broadcast right before James Carville came on.

It certainly is a studio with a view!


I'm on a roll tonight with The Situation Room, so I'm taking tonight's Casual Friday video from there as well. Have you ever heard a CNN anchor talking about turds? Watch...

You have to appreciate an anchor that can laugh at herself.


Mystery Journalist

Can you name this CNN journalist?

Let me know who you think this journalist is in the comments. The identity of the Mystery Journalist will be revealed in Sunday night's post.


copperfish said...

It looks like Anderson's ear!

ACAnderFan said...

Is the mystery journalist Gary Tuchman??? That's my guess.

Evelyn said...

It sure was an interesting week without Wolf! It's always nice to see John King and Suzanne Malveaux so I didn't complain :) Let's hope Wolf had a good vacation

I peg that ear as the one and only Mr. Anderson Cooper!

Phebe said...

Just to be different I'll guess Tom Foreman. And I must add I really enjoyed Miles on TSR this week. I hope we don't end up missing Miles the way we all miss Aaron.

Anonymous said...

I am probably wrong, but I don't think it is Anderson's ear. Looks a little small. Maybe Wolf's?

CNN is listing a lot of specials this next week, but I wonder how many of them will make it on the air with Hurricane Dean acoming.

I think that Anderson was in Atlanta getting ready for the Hurricane season and I bet he and the whole team will show up in the Gulf coast region next week.

Purple Tie said...

I enjoyed Miles hosting the most. I thought he did a great job.

My guess is Jack Cafferty

anne carter said...

I think it is Anderson Cooper!
Great to see Miles on SR-I miss the O'Brien's on AM!

Sapphire said...

it was a great week on SR but I noticed Wolf was back on today so he should be on SR tomorrow

My ear guess is Tom Foreman