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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fed Up: America’s Killer Diet

This week's Special Investigations Unit focuses on Americans' diets with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. An excerpt from the CNN Press Release:

Americans are among the fattest people in the world, and since the 1980s, the nation has experienced an unprecedented spike in obesity rates. CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on the surprising science behind how diet affects the body and brain and how unhealthy food remains central to the American diet despite growing consumer awareness about health.

CNN: Special Investigations Unit – Fed Up: America’s Killer Diet will premiere on Saturday, Sept. 22, and Sunday, Sept. 23, at 8 p.m., 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. (ET).

Fed Up is the first CNN documentary to be broadcast in high-definition television.

The documentary features Adrian McHargh, who embarked on a steady diet of fast food following his family’s relocation to Kennesaw, Ga., from Kingston, Jamaica, just over a year ago. The 12 year-old gained more than 30 pounds and developed high cholesterol, high blood pressure and borderline Type 2 diabetes. After enrolling in an innovative three-month program with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta that included weekly visits with a nutritionist and a personal trainer, Adrian changed his eating habits and lost 15 pounds.


Have you ever wondered what's in a Twinkie? Dr. Gupta takes a look in the following CNN clip.

Warning: Twinkie fans might want to skip this one.


The saga between Wolf and Ellen continues... earlier this week, it appears that Ellen dumped Wolf for another anchor.


Evidently, becoming a Jeopardy champion is not as easy as some CNN anchors have make it look. Below is a clip from Nancy Grace's attempt.



Mystery Journalist

This is not one of my better screen capping momements, but it does make for an interesting Mystery Journalist clue.

Can you name this CNN journalist?

Let us know who you think it is and we'll reveal this journalist's identity in Sunday's post.


ACAnderFan said...

My guess for the mystery journalist is Soledad O'Brian.

As for that Twinkie Video...this is just gorss and disgusting and I will never eat a Twinkie a agin. Ick!!!

This Wolf and Ellen saga is GREAT!!! It's hilarious!!! She dumped Wolf...
poor guy :( Ellen is one of my favorite commedians.

copperfish said...

Taking a chance in Jeopardy isn't really easy especially if you're a celebrity where pressure is higher.

I think it's Soledad O' Brien.

Phebe said...

No....Ellen can't dump Wolfbot for Chris, please say it isn't so. As for Nancy Grace they say Jeopardy is dummied down for celebs....
I'm just say'in.
Mystery Journalist? Erica Hill?

Pati Mc said...

I always KNEW that Twinkies were poisonous! (Not to mention the urban legend that states they have a shelf life of 2.5 million years).

LOL - and people deep fry them now? Gross!

Very interesting Dr. Sanjay. =)

Sapphire said...

the Nancy Grace video made me laugh so hard....that was hilarious.

Wolf/Ellen needs to get to talking soon cause Chris is no Wolf Blitzer.

Grreat post BA.

As for the mystery journalist.....I will say Erica Hill too but I have another guest but will hold off on it. I will have to wait until Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the Dr Gupta special.
My favorite was the twinkie.I wonder if it
is true that it can survive a nuclear war?
I hope the program is a success.Since the
tv news blogs seem to ignore CNN these
days, I thought you guys might want to
keep an eye out for some things.So far
this month things look good for CNN
with regards to the ratings.Demo(25-54)
things are getting ever so closer with
AC 360 and FNC for the 3rd hour of prime time.

With basically this upcoming week being
the last week for ratings this month, 360
has 310,000 and Greta has 322,000. Also, only
415,00 viewers seperate the two programs.
AC ; 814,000/Greta : 1,229,000.

Also, I think Rick Sanchez and Team CNN
are doing a decent job for CNN for the
first hour of prime time. So far for the
hour they are averaging 715,000 viewers
with 246,000.

I am hoping for this to be an awesome week
for CNN.This is just for Monday-Friday.
There are just way too many Nielsen
catagories to keep up with. So this is
just a small snapshot of the big picture.

Oh I forgot about Soledad filling in for
AC for the last couple of days. I hope
Friday was a good night for her.

Also, kudos to Kyra and Co involved
int the SUI : Jena 6 project. Kyra had
the top demo with 552,000 or 577,000
if you buy into the DVR thing(which strikes
me as odd because I am sure I read that
DVR/Tivo numbers would not apply to
televison news.

The only reason you are able to see
the dvr numbers is because Turner
Broadcasting , News Corp and GE own other entertainmnt networks that use the live same
day numbers.They will not be used for
tv news. said...

Anon 12:33AM
Where are you getting your ratings information?

News will definitely be using DVR numbers - it has been agreed upon by the industry. Nielsen has been supplying them for quite awhile now, but it was not until this last upfront advertising market that DVR could be used as part of the new selling of programming starting September 24, 2007. All news organizations will continue to access LIVE and LIVE+DVR and show it both ways, but the final compilation that the advertising community will use will definitely include DVR. The issue is the industry has agreed to LIVE + 3 day and that is hard to justify in News - but it is up to the individual news organization to deal with that. The industry agreed upon LIVE+3Day. It's done.

And be advised, 360 has a marginal chance of ever beating Greta in Total Audience 2+ as FOX News has just too much audience 50+. There just aren't enough viewers of 360 or CNN to statistically counterbalance the weight of the Fox News 50+ audience. In just this year alone, Nielsen has computed that the 50+ audience has grown 3-4%. Not true for younger demographics.

And the chance of 360 being able to make up the deficit in Adults 25-54 in one week to affect the total month average to beat Greta for the month is next to impossible.

The industry doesn't really focus on an individual month ratings delivery. It is a tracking trend they care about, and the sweeps.

On another note - Sanjay Gupta's piece was pretty compelling...

J in LA

anne carter said...

I think the mystery journalist is Erica Hill!