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Sunday, September 23, 2007

OT Politics

A couple of months back, I posted about politics over at ATA. I wanted to repost it here and see what every one's opinion was.

*Photo from Matthew Rond for CNN© 2007. A Time Warner Company. All rights reserved*

Sometimes it's easy to just look at someone and hear them talking and think, "I like him" or "she's horrible". But do we all really know what the candidates believe? Do we know what they stand for? More of us should probably vote based on that not just about liking someone because he or she seems good or bad. I admit I'm guilty of doing it. I was a pretty big fan of Obama until I started looking into what he would do regarding several serious issues this country is facing. I watched all the democratic debates and my mind really changed. Even though I do like him and think that one day he might make a good candidate I had to question if he's ready. That's just an example of what I mean.

So, here's some help to see who everyone might want to vote for in their state primary. And please do! If you are eligible, I hope everyone votes in not only the election, but in their primary which are coming up at the beginning of '08.

Here's a great chart to help you see where the candidates stand on important issues:

Click on the chart to enlarge

-To read a bit more on what each candidates thinks on social issues and to read a profile of each, you can click here.

-Take a quiz to match you up with a candidate who thinks like you..... Click here. And here's another one.

I thought I'd put up a poll to see how our readers are feeling about the election and the candidates.(NOTE: All references to "Thompson" relate to Fred Thompson, not Tommy Thompson who has taken himself out of the race.)

Is the campaign going on too long this time?
Yes, waaaay too long!
Yes, it's a bit much
No, it's just the right amount of time
No, I wish it was longer
I don't care about the election free polls

What changes should be made to the current election process?
The candidates should have less time to campaign
All candidates should have the same amount of money to campaign
Limit the number of candidates that can run
Raise the age limit for running
None of the above
All of the above free polls

Who will be the Democratic nominee
Other free polls

Who will be the Republican nominee?
Other free polls

If the election were tomorrow who would you vote for?
Other free polls

*The YouTube Republican debate has been rescheduled for Wed. Nov 28th in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to the New York Times:

"It looks as if the Republican presidential candidates, at least most of them, will be participating in a YouTube debate after all. The forum is now set for Nov. 28, the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

The campaigns of Rudolph W. Giuliani and Senator John McCain have signed on, according to CNN, which will broadcast the event. CNN said it had not heard from Mitt Romney, who has been critical of the format, in which the public poses questions via video sent to YouTube. Mr. Romney’s spokesman could not be reached last night."

To read the whole article click HERE.

Have a great week!

1 comment:

BookAsylum said...

I'm looking forward to the next YouTube debate. I think it will say a lot about the candidates that don't show up because they don't approve of the format.

They have a huge advantage over the Dems since they got to see exactly how the debate was going to work (with the Dems going first) and they get a few extra months to look through the questions and prep for the debate.