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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Candy Crowley

In February, 2007, posted an interview CNN's Senior Political Correspondent, Candy Crowley. Below are a few excerpts from the interview:

Did you always want to be a journalist?

I always wanted to be a writer. But the problem with being a writer is, unless you've written your first book, they don't pay you a whole lot to sit at your house and write. So this fulfilled the need to have a paycheck. And since then I've grown to love journalism.

How'd you get your foot in the door?

My first job was at WASH-FM when it was a MetroMedia station in Washington. I just worked this minimum wage split shift thing. Basic gopher work, calling around to find out what happened the night before.

I went from there to AP, but I had an interim with UPI for about six minutes. You work with the wires when you're a local station. It's easy to get to know those people. So I had accepted a job at UPI, and then I quickly got a job with AP.

Then I went from AP to Mutual Broadcasting. And then I went from Mutual back to AP. And I had children. Then I went from AP to NBC. And then to CNN.

Take me through a typical week, if one exists.

There's really not a typical week, which is the best part of it. I love the travel. I love that the '08 election has started so early, because it gets me out and gets me going.

In an election year, there's a lot of being away from home. This is sort of an election year, even though this isn't THE election year. So there's travel several times a month. So in that week, it's airports – Cleveland, Des Moines, Columbus, Nashua.

When I'm home for the week, sometimes there are things coming up that I know will be a story, so there are things I'll work on. Like ahead of the State of the Union –- what's the political dynamic as Bush gives his speech?

Other times the story will come to you – someone will literally run into your office and say something like 'John Kerry's not running in '08.'

And then you try to pick up a little news. You make as many phone calls as you can in the morning to pick up what's out there and generate a little news.

Who do you look up to?

One of my all-time favorites is Tom Brokaw. I think he is terrific. Peter Jennings, same thing. I just thought they were consummate reporters and anchors. In terms of reporters, Lord, I can't start, because there are a lot of them out there that are really good, that are poets in their own light, and are really good reporters.

And you're in that category now, too.

I've never tried to stand out or make a name for myself. I always just wanted to do the story. If you do stand out and make a name for yourself, that's great. But I don't know anybody – well, yeah, I do – most people I know are in this because they love to find things out. They love to report, they love to tell things, they love to relay things to people. I'm consistently startled when people come up to me.


Yeah, I still am. It's just me walking through the airport. I don't think 'Wow, this is Candy Crowley walking through the airport.' It's hard to see yourself as anything other than the mom or the friend, because that's who you really are.


Monday, November 19th is the birthday of two CNN legends, founder, Ted Turner, and Larry King.


Mystery Journalist

This week's Mystery Journalist was Newsroom anchor, Heidi Collins.


Sapphire said...

Cool Candy Crowley article. I really like Candy

Happy early B-day Larry and Ted. Hope you have a great one.

I like Heidi Collins but I did not guess her :P

Lucille Ball, Ph.D. said...

This comment is for Candy Crowley. I am a Republican, but I wish to tell you that I believe you are a very fair, and very professional journalist -- unlike so many others (i.e. MSNBC). I recognize that you lean to the left, but in your professional life you do not come across as a "gotcha Republicans" reporter. You report both sides and allow listeners to think for them-
selves. It is a refreshing breath of air. I am not sure how other left so called reporters and commentators think they are going to convince anyone that is not already part of the left wing, to vote for their candidate. The disgraceful monologues going on right now causes people to flee their party. So thank you Candy, and AC360 -- which I also believe to be the most fair program on CNN. No one cares that you have your personal beliefs, but please, be professional!! Again, thanks to both of you -- I commend you for your attitudes and professionalism. L. Ball, Ph.D.