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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ratings and James Carville

The ratings for last Thursday's debate were unbelievable! CNN not only scored the highest ratings of any debate but they also claim it was the highest ratings to date of any primary debate on record.

The total viewing audience was well over 4 million. On an average night CNN's prime time can bring in 800,000 to over a million. Way to go CNN!


According to TVNewser:

CNN To Do Better Job of Disclosing Carville-Clinton Connection

In the hangover of what was the highest-rated debate of the primary season, CNN execs are admitting they need to do a better job of disclosing that one of the members of their "Best Political Team on Television" is a friend and "maxed-out" donor to the Presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Speaking about the Clintons, political strategist and CNN contributor James Carville tells the NYTimes he is "close to them" but has "never been paid a nickel by her."
CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein says going forward CNN anchors will be explicit about the Carville-Clinton connection. "He's not on the Hillary payroll, but he's on the Hillary bandwagon, and that should be disclosed as much as we can," Klein told The Times. "I wasn't comfortable with it myself as I watched it."


Anonymous said...

Way to go CNN!!! I am looking foward
to the Youtube debate. CNN must have
done something right when you look
at ratings for the debate and post debate.
No debate this year has even comes close.
3 mil plus cable news viewers for 3 hours of
primetime on a Greys Anatomy and CSI and
Without A Trace night is no joke. Forget the
CNN critics the results speak for themselves.
John Klein should be proud of Wolf Blitzer,
John Roberts, Campbell Brown and Team CNN.
This record-breaking rised the bar yet again
and that has many wondering if the upcoming
Youtube debate could reach 5 mil viewers.
According to TV Newser more than 2 mil
viewers stayed tuned for the 360 post
debate. Obviously the viewers did not
have a problems with the guests. said...

I was uncomfortable that there were several ways for CNN to correct the problem before it became an issue, and didn't. Where are the days that the channel "has your back" as an anchor and a program? Very few senior management would deflect blame from themselves and lay it right on the program, contributor and anchor. What happened to "the buck stops here" Jon Klein?
J in LA

Anonymous said...

James Carville and Paul Begala have been with
CNN for years.Unless you have been on Mars
there is no way you could not know about their
connections to the Clintons.I am just a skeptic.
I have zero trust for Drudge, Huffingtonpo
and Daily Kos,They have agendas and at
times contribute to a lot of misinfo.

Anonymous said...

Okay I just watch the 360 post debate on dvr.
Cooper said Carville was a Bill Clinton advisor
twice. Hello McFly.

Purple Tie said...

I agree Anon 6:43-I think the whole story about Carville was overblown and out of proportion. There have been several times that James has joked about his closeness to the Clinton's.

My biggest problem with this whole issue being raised to begin with is that they criticized CNN/Anderson/360 about not disclosing Carville's relationship with the Clinton's based on one viewing. IF they watched on a regular or even semi-regular basis they'd know they disclose that info quite a lot. It's not just this issue, it's the fact that people pile on Anderson or CNN based on one viewing and assume it's the way something is always done. It isn't that mistakes aren't made but it's assuming things without gathering all the facts. I always thought 'journalist' should report based on facts. That's really my issue.

Topaza said...

Good for people to know.