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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Laughter, the Best Medicine!

It certainly seemed like the Christmas cheer arrived early at CNN this year! On Monday, for instance, John King was showing off his tolerance for cold weather, which Kiran Chetry kids him about:

...then he "threatens" Kyra Phillips with a snowball on Tuesday:

But by Friday he was in the NY studio, where John Roberts asks him a tough question, but gets an honest answer:

Meanwhile, on Thursday Rick Sanchez announced this year's inductees to the Rock and Roll hall of fame, including the Dave Clark Five (or, as he says, the Dave Clark "Band") who inspire Rick to get his groove thang on:

Friday morning, Kiran critiques his moves during hour two of American Morning (while he is still safely asleep) and John Roberts tries very, very hard not to laugh:

...but then Kiran has to recant during hour three when she learns Rick's awake and watching. Whoops -- j/k, Rick!

Oh, Rick... I'm afraid that clip is going to be on speed dial in the control room for a long time, right along with your tazer one and Dave Mattingly's carp attack!

Where In The World...?

This week, we're starting a new feature that will help keep track of where some of the CNN reporters have been visiting, if only for a few hours.

Above, CNN's newest International Correspondent, Wilf Dinnick, checked in from Dubai on Wednesday.

Sunday, Nic Robertson was still in Afghanistan; Miles O'Brien was in Oslo, Norway to see Al Gore awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; and Suzanne Malveaux was in Columbia, South Carolina with the Obama campaign. 

Monday, Sean Calebs was in Colorado to cover the church shootings that happened the day before. John King was in Sioux City, Iowa but on Tuesday had moved on to Des Moines, then went to Johnstown, Iowa on Wednesday before heading back to New York on Thursday.

Gary Tuchman spent Tuesday in Marshalltown, Iowa, while Dana Bash started the day near Council Bluffs but then moved on to Des Moines later that day.

Phew! All that snow, all those airmiles... makes me glad I can just curl up in front of the fire and watch CNN in comfort! Have a great week, everyone!


BookAsylum said...

I just love those John King clips!

I wonder how long its going to take before we start seeing Wilf on CNN/US?

Candy Crowley summed up the travel really well on the 360blog on Friday: You know how you can tell it's time to go home? When you try to get on the plane with your hotel bill.

Too bad for them that the candidates don't do more campaigning in Hawaii.

Phebe said...

And I love your post, the new feature tracking CNN reporters as they travel to bring us the news is fabulous.

MWmcFan said...

Cyn, you are a very dedicated blogger, keeping track of some of our favorite reporters and I loved the JK and Rick clips too! LOL

Sapphire said...

Wow Cyn great post. I love those clips they are fantastic.

I am with Phebe....I love Rick Sanchez. I saw him dancing the other night and I thought it was great. Now if some of the other anchor's let loose alittle.

I love the Where In the World Are They. With Election 2008, it is going to be a big feature this year Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Where in the World segment.I learn
a lot from this blog.

J in LA said...

Rick Sanchez - reminds me of the Billy Chrystal spoof on dancing - The White Man's Overbite....

Candy Crowley hotel bill/airline print out of boarding pass - loved it - Yikes been there!

Great post Cyn!
J in LA

Délie said...

Ohhh, Rick Sanchez! Yay! Too bad we can't see him on CNN Int.

Thanks for the clips, specially John King :-)!

Quitty said...

Rick does need to work on his dance moves. I'm no dancer but I could have done the swim and twist better than that!

Kristien said...

Hi Cyn, funny videos!
I'm with Quitty on Rick's moves, they need a little work! (but he gets an A for effort!)

I have to admit that this is my first visit to ATC, but I will be back, it's a great way to see some other CNN anchors at work!

Mavis said...

I really like knowing where everyone is!
I wasn't sure about Rick at first but I am coming to like him.