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Friday, December 14, 2007

T.J. Holmes' Riding the CNN Election Express

With the marathon 2008 Presidential election cycle, its not surprising that so many CNN correspondents and anchors are getting an opportunity to report from the CNN Election Express. Sunday, it will be T.J. Holmes.

On Sunday, Dec. 16, CNN anchor T.J. Holmes will join the Best Political Team on television in Des Moines, Iowa. Holmes will report from CNN Election Express on Religion on the campaign trail, Iowa politics and issues most important to the residents of the state. All reports will air on the weekend edition of CNN Newsroom Sunday, Dec. 16 from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. (ET).

(Source: Inside Cable News)


This week brought us the last televised debates prior to the Iowa caucuses. CNN aired the debate, but unlike other debates that we've seen this year, CNN wasn't the only network broadcasting the program.

Here are some numbers on how CNN did:

The Republican Debate

Held in Johnston, Iowa, the forum was viewed by almost 2 million cable news watchers from 2-3:25 p.m. on Dec. 12. Fox News led the way with nearly 1.04 million, more than doubling the total of CNN (619,000) and MSNBC (285,000), according to live, plus same-day data from Nielsen Media Research.

Among the news demo, Fox pulled in 286,000 adults 25 to 54, versus 185,000 and 103,000 for CNN and MSNBC, respectively.

The Democrat Debate

With the Dec. 13 debate from Johnson City, Iowa, CNN drew 977,000 viewers between 2 p.m.-3:35 p.m., edging Fox News’s 947,000, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

Among the 25-to-54 news demo, CNN scored with 344,000 of those viewers with the Democratic debate, versus 234,000 for FNC.


Do you see a slight hint of partisanship? Republicans watching FOX and Democrats watching CNN?

Thanks to the Rating Guru for the heads up!


Mystery Journalist

Can you name this CNN journalist?

The identify of this Mystery Journalist will be revealed in Sunday's post. Any guesses on who it might be?


Millie said...

Is the mystery journalist Kyra Phillips??

Anonymous said...

I am happy for TJ. I think he should sub for
Anderson when he's on vacation.Their
personalities are similar.Holmes joked
this morining about making the team.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be cool if CNN would do
something different this campaign season
sort of like the Real World. Show the reporters
and crew covering the candidates on the
campaign trail as it unfolds .Moving reporters
and crews into crucial states like Iowa and
New Hampshire and Super Tuesday states
a week before the event happens and shows
us all of things going up leading up to
the Iowa Caucus. New Hampshire and Super
Tuesday. It seems they are alreadly have
people in place to pull this off.Take us on
the Election Bus and behind the scnens of
there assignments like they have on the blog.
Maybe they could do half hour specials on
all of the candidates leading up to the day
before the real events. Talk to the people
on the streets as well.