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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Election Season (Finally) Begins!

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully everyone had a great holiday season. Now that it is over, it is time to move to a different season. It is political season. More specifically, election season. After almost a year of campaigning, the first of many primaries and caucuses happened today in Iowa.
Tonight CNN's political team which included; Wolf Blitzer; Anderson Cooper; Soledad O'Brien; Lou Dobbs; John King; Gloria Borger; Tom Foreman; Candy Crowley; Suzanne Malveaux; Jack Cafferty; David Gergen; Jeffrey Toobin; Donna Brazile; William Bennett; Bill Schneider; Dana Bash; Mary Snow; Jessica Yellin; Joe Johns; Roland Martin; Carl Bernstein; Abbie Tatton and Larry King. The team brought us the results as they came in fast and furious and were able to project both Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama as the winners of their respective parties in the Iowa caucuses.
Instead of me trying to explain a process I really don't understand, I will let pictures from tonight's coverage tell the story.

Tonight I leave you with this thought....

In five days we get to do this all again in New Hampshire!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for you guys to
get the info of how many people
it actually took to pull this
of? This is way cool television.
I am feeling the virtual Election

Anonymous said...

This is a mixture of Steve Jobs,
John Lucas and Speiberg meets tv
news. Stayed glued to it. CNN HD
looked awesome.