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Friday, January 4, 2008

Judging Miss America & The Iowa Caucuses

CNN Headline News' Robin Meade will be one of the judges for the 2008 Miss America Pageant. The contest will air on Saturday, January 26, 2008 Live from Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, on TLC. Here are a few excerpts from the press release:

This year’s panel of judges is comprised of experts in each of the fields that a young woman must excel in, in order to be named Miss America. Miss America must be beautiful, talented, intelligent and well-spoken, a leader, have a commitment to her community, be contemporary in her style and fashion - a relatable and individual ‘it girl’ who can connect with today’s modern woman, as well as being physically fit.

From the Communications/Interview Field - Robin Meade – As the lead news anchor for Headline News’ morning show, “Morning Express with Robin Meade,” she has anchored the network’s coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Before joining CNN, Meade worked at NBC Chicago where she covered the 1996 Olympics, which included reporting on the Centennial Olympic Park bombing. Meade is a former Miss Ohio who competed in the 1992 Miss America Pageant. She is the recipient of two Emmy Awards.

Last night CNN showed off their impressive new Election Center as they reported the results from the Iowa Caucuses. Here are a few more photos from the event. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)
(Photo Credit: Ted E. Pio-Roda for CNN/2008)

Wolf Blitzer & Lou Dobbs

CNN Election Center

John King, Gloria Borger & David Gergen

Anderson Cooper talking with Jack Cafferty

Wolf Blitzer talking with Dana Bash

Jeffrey Toobin

Wolf Blitzer in the CNN Election Center

Bill Schneider & Soledad O'Brien

Jack Cafferty, Donna Brazile & William Bennett

Wolf Blitzer

David Gergen & Suzanne Malveaux

Anderson Cooper, John King, Gloria Borger, David Gergen & Suzanne Malveaux

Mystery Journalist

Can you name this CNN journalist?

Do these eyes remind you of anyone? Let us know what your guess is in the comments and I'll post the answer in Sunday night's post.


Anonymous said...

I really love the new Election Center. It looks
great in HD.Team CNN is awesome. I have to
give it up for Wolf Blitzer, who has been putting
in some long days.Please give Jack Cafferty a
bigger role in pollitical coverage. It appears
that CNN was smart to pair Anderson and
Wolf to head it's political coverage this yar.
CNN's political team is pretty cool as well.

Sapphire said...

The election centre is very cool and the new tech toys are awesome.

My guess for mystery journalist is Tom Foreman