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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Only 365 Days Left

Happy New Year and welcome to 2008! I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Day. One of my family's traditions for this day is watching the Mummers Parade (go Fralinger!). It's one of the things about this time of year that I really look forward to and at least it keeps us from talking about politics for a few hours!

In a recent post, TVNewser had responses from several journalists about their expectations for 2008 for themselves. Below is an excerpt from the post that includes the responses they received from three CNN journalists (past and present):

... our respondents complete the sentence, "In 2008, I expect...":

• MSNBC's Tucker Carlson: "To spend more time in sub-zero primary states, and to wear more makeup. I've got a pretty good shot at achieving both."

• CNN's Don Lemon: "To continue to harness my no-nonsense, aggressive reporting style; viewers tell me it's refreshing and they appreciate it. I also would like to help as many children as possible to get a decent education in New Orleans, as knowledge is the power that will eventually lead them out of their current morass."

• CNN Headline News' Linda Stouffer: "To spend more time reading novels and less time getting stressed out."

For you news junkies out there, TVNewser also posted 5 Questions with broadcasting legend Walter Cronkite.

The weather this time of year can be frightful, but that doesn't stop CNN correspondents from reporting on the candidates running for President.

Tuesday was the CNN Ballot Bowl '08 which spent seven hours taking an unfiltered look at the candidates. The Ballot Bowl included reports from Suzanne Malveaux, Bill Schneider, Candy Crowley, Jessica Yellin, Mary Snow, Dana Bash, and John King. Sometimes those reports came from nice heated spaces indoors, but others had journalists braving the elements.

Later on in the day, Jeanne Moos filed her own report focusing on those cold temperatures.

I have one more video clip for you, this one comes from Monday's American Morning. John Roberts recently received some get well wishes from a well known fan.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed CNN's Ballot Bowl '08.Now I would
like to see them go live for 24 hours on the days
leading up to and during the important days of
this political season.Bringing us a full 24 hours
with a timeline for events as they play out eachc
hour of the day. Of course, as events warrant.

Cyn said...

I can't believe that the candidates don't all get sick, all the traveling and meet-&-greets and the lousy food and the constant talking...

And I can't believe the reporters don't find nice comfy places INSIDE to report from! Hey, they have that nice cushy bus, why not use it! Brrrr!