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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eco Solutions

Are you familiar with the program Eco Solutions? I happened to have caught the latest episode on Live this weekend. What is it? It was a half hour program that focused on green solutions that are being used through out the world.

The Eco Solutions website describes the program as:
How do we sustain economic growth while preserving the planet? Every week, Eco Solutions takes viewers around the world to meet people who have thought of a solution and are putting it into practice.

If you haven't seen it before, you might be surprised at the variety of ways that power can be generated without the use oil, coal, etc. Kristie Lu Stout anchored the program. All of the stories featured on this past week's program can be found on Below are the links to the videos:

Spain's new solar power tower (Al Goodman reports)

Geothermal's green credentials (Hugh Riminton reports)

Winged boats sail green (Hugh Riminton reports)

Farmers turn waste to watts (Andrew Stevens reports)

China's 'Sunshine City' (Eunice Yoon reports)

Villagers learn to create light (Arwa Damon reports)

If you have CNN International, you can view Eco Solutions at 2300 GMT Mondays or 0400 GMT Tuesdays.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've seen them run on CNN., It does not seem
to have a special they just pop up out the blue.
I have always thought that CNN should bring
a lot of their internet programming to CNN.
Especially on weekends. Take for instance the
concert in North Korea. Why not play the
concert as it happened? Or Kyra's reports
from Iraq and Alina Cho's North Korea
journey. After al they are a 24 hour news
network. I like the docs but do the same
one have to air on Sat or Sun. Personally,
I think Sunday would be a great day for
a different type of programming. More in depth
reporting would be a nice change of pace for
the weekends. On HLN as well. Just feature
the reporters and music mix in for a diffent
feel. As well as all of the cool interviews
airing on CNN all week long.