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Monday, February 25, 2008

Foreign Intelligence

Well, since I am filling in this Monday, and since I let off a little steam on Saturday about the narrowing of CNN's focus to all-politics-all-the-time, I thought that today I would post some examples of what CNN is so very good at: focusing on important issues, bringing us a global view, taking us out of our corner of the neighborhood and explaining why the rest of the world impacts us, too.

On Sunday's Late Edition, John King filled in for Wolf Blitzer, and among his guests was Senator Chuck Hagel. Hagel represents Nebraska , although he is retiring from the Senate at the end of this year, and currently sits on the Foreign Relations Committee. In this first clip, he talks about what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is two minutes that cuts through the politics of "the surge" and asks the questions we should all be asking before we vote:

In this clip, Sen. Hagel talks about the recent election in Pakistan (he was a member of the Senate delegation that observed the polling to make sure it was legit) and why the coming transition of power is of vital import to us:

So on Sunday mornings, at least, we do still get a taste of international issues.

Meanwhile, Turkey once again crossed into the Kurdish region of northern Iraq to chase members of the PKK terrorist group to ground. This latest and largest incursion into another country was again met with restraint on the Kurdish/Iraqi side, but there's no telling how long that restraint will hold. Turkey is our ally, and we are currently the main defenders of Iraq's border; not many ways that this plays out well for our side. Michael Ware reported on the latest, but it was only aired on CNN International:

Finally, Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips is currently in Baghdad, and this morning they did share her filmed report of the journey into the country and to the bureau itself. It's an interesting look at what it takes to just travel there, let alone report the story. Things are better, but there is still a long way to go:

So... still some news from beyond our borders making it onto CNN. You just have to work harder to find it. (And I still wonder what they think is going to happen to their audience once the election is over?)

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Sapphire said...

I am really looking forward to seeing Kyra's report with the Iraqi Air Force....looks really interesting.

Glad to see some international news is making its way onto CNN :)

MWmcFan said...

Sapphire, I just saw a cnn video clip of Kyra’s report about the Iraqi Air Force. Looks like she had a good time flying around with them.
Cyn, Sunday’s Late Edition was great with John King interviewing Chuck Hagel.
I am still disappointed though by CNN not airing the usual one hour of Your World Today. For those of us in areas that don’t receive CNNI I hope CNN will reconsider putting YWT back on. Also please air Michael Ware footage on CNN. At this point I am depending on one person in France to send CNNI footage of his reports so I can see them!

jodi54 said...

Very interesting column today, Cyn. Hagel is always interesting to hear and John King is always excellent.

Wonderful to see Michael Ware reporting ... wonderful for us, maybe not so wonderful for him. He is one of the most respected reporters out there.

The Reporter's Notebook stuff is of particular interest to me. Kyra gave us some behind the scenes video which, though covering little new information, gave us an actual view of the process. I have to wonder though - why Kyra? I don't get it. There are reporters living there for long periods of time ... that know so much. Plus, Anderson has done some informative behind the scenes video of Baghdad. Why not ask Michael Ware to do a Reporter's Notebook or Arwa or ask a producer living there. Why in the world would CNN send Kyra from the anchor desk to Baghdad? What is she going to reveal that can only be done by her? She's just dropping in .... why? No really, I'm asking - for the time, money and risk involved, why send Kyra?

Phebe said...

What an interesting post, Cyn. I don't get a chance to watch much CNN during the day, so the Kyra report was something I hadn't seen. And it's been ages since I've seen MW, I hope CNN starts airing more of his reports from the ME soon.