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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Got Votes?

Or should I say: Got Delegates? It's Election Day in many parts of the country and when it's over, it's all going to come down to who got the most delegates.

CNN started its 40 hour marathon this morning at 6 AM ET with American Morning. John Roberts was reporting from a diner in Atlanta and Kiran Chetry was reporting from a polling place in Harlem.

They handed things off to Heidi Collins in the Atlanta Newsroom.

Then for something different. Typically at noon (ET), we see CNN International, but today Campbell Brown hosted an America Votes Special.

Wolf Blitzer was analyzing the Democrats race with an in studio panel of: Gloria Borger, Richard Stengel, Joe Johns, and Joe Klein.

Candy Crowley reported from New York and Jessica Yellin reported from California.

After a quick commercial panel switch, the focus moved to the Republican race with Anderson Cooper.

In the studio were Bill Bennett, John King, Amy Holmes, and Karen Tumulty.

Reporting from Phoenix was Dana Bash and reporting from Boston was Gary Tuchman.

Now that the parties have been analyzed, it was time to look at the issues with Lou Dobbs.

The panel of analysts included David Gergen, Nancy Gibbs, Mark Halperin, and Roland Martin.

This was just the first part of the day with continuing coverage from the Atlanta Newsroom with Kyra Phillips and Don Lemon and then to Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room. Plus tonight's broadcast from the CNN Election Center will run until midnight when Larry King will take over. It's going to be a long day!

Things start off bright and early Wednesday. American Morning will be starting an hour early at 5 AM ET with John Roberts and Kiran Chetry.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

CNN had awesome coverage of Super Duper
Tuesday. I think they might have another
record-breaking night when it comes to
ratings. I see the FNC is trying to copy