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Friday, February 22, 2008

Taking A Ride With The Blue Angels

This week Sanjay Gupta went for the ride of his life. He got to take a ride with the Navy's Blue Angels. Thursday morning, he was on American Morning and discussed the experience.

Here are a few other reports from that Dr. Gupta filed on the effects of the flight:


Mystery Journalist

Can you name this CNN journalist?

Let us know who you think it is and we'll reveal this journalist's identity in Sunday's post.


Finally tonight, a few high resolution pictures of the CNN debate in Austin, Texas courtesy of CNN and E M Pio Roda.

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Phebe said...

I loved Sanjay's report. Very brave of him to do the fly along without a g suit.

I'm going to guess Soledad?

ACAnderFan said...

My guess for the mystety journalist is Dana Bash.

~*~Tia~*~ said...

My guess for the mystery journalist is TJ Holmes