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Saturday, March 29, 2008

How Big Is Ali’s Barrel?

I have a collection of CNN videos for you tonight. It’s been a week of ups and downs so I’m going to start off with the serious videos first. Beverly Broadman passed away this week- she was one of the original staff members at CNN.


On Issue #1, they discussed the impact of the falling US dollar on tourism abroad. Alessio Vinci talked with a few Americas who were vacationing in Rome and looked at the economic impact this could have on Italy’s tourism industry.

A “staycation” sounds pretty good to me. There are plenty of local places that I could play tourist and not really go very far away from home.

Now for a few lighter moments … and all of these come from American Morning. Have you noticed that American Morning has a new opening logo/ banner? John Roberts has referred to it as “nuclear.”

Old AM OpeningNew AM Opening

Although the color of the logo has been getting all of the attention, I found that I like the new music that they are using.

Ali Velshi had a run in with the new logo when it was used as a background while he was giving a report…

Kiran Chetry found a creative way to wrap up a series of stories that Veronica De La Cruz reported on…

Ever wonder how big Ali Velshi’s barrel of oil is? That questioned was answered this week and John Roberts found a smooth way of segueing into Ali’s segment.

And my last video tonight is of Delta-lina, from the Delta Airline’s safety video, wagging her finger at John Roberts.


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Sapphire said...

BA thanks for the videos they were all great. Rather hillarious actually. I love American Morning!!!

The new look is very bright and it definatly gets your attention. I love the "nuclear" look

Phebe said...

Melons, tata's and Ali's big barrel..gotta love the new and improved(?) AM!
Thanks BA for the laughs

JRHot said...

Thanks BA for the clips of my man JR! I won't tell how many times I have rewatched these clips. He just looks so good and can be so funny!