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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Saturday Clipfest

Well, I had several clips for you today, but Blogger is once again being cranky, so I'm afraid I had to PhotoBucket them and use links. Oh, well, at least we HAVE a Plan B!

First up is an interview that John Roberts did with Peter Bergen on Tuesday about the latest video messages from OBL and Zawahiri:

On Thursday, NewsRoom aired a piece from Nic Robertson, who is embedded with British troops in Afghanistan. (I can no longer read the name of that country without hearing Nic's pronunciation in my head.) Is it just me, or do these soldiers look like they ought to be in high school? I must be getting old, because these guys are out there doing incredible things:

Thursday morning, John Roberts interviewed Senator Chuck Hagel on American Morning, and they spoke about several things, especially the war in Iraq. But they also talked about the current political scene. This is one of the few Republicans that I could support politically (assuming he didn't have to sell out to the far-right-wing in order to win the endorsement...) This is just the end of the interview, but if you're interested you can check out the transcript here or pick up Hagel's new book. (I just started reading it; thanks for the tip, John!)

Also on Thursday's American Morning, Miles O'Brien was in the house, doing a report on airline safety. It was so nice to see him back there, I even watched it despite my fear of flying and the fact that I am getting on a plane Monday. (I'm not really afraid of flying, I'm just afraid of turbulence... Silly, I know; but there's a story behind it that involves an unfun flight, people throwing up, and the passenger next to me saying the Hail Mary non-stop for 30 minutes. Hey, she may have been all that got us to the airport safely!) 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

Saturday, Candy Crowley was in DC (for the start of a vacation week, which she interrupted mid-week for appearances on AC360). Sunday, Gloria Borger hosted Late Edition.

Monday, Kiran Chetry was off; Dana Bash was in Chula Vista, California. Tuesday, Dana was in Santa Ana, California. Suzanne Malveaux was in DC; Michael Ware (above) in London (Happy Birthday, Michael!); Larry King in New York City; Anderson Cooper in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, Suzanne was in Greensboro, North Carolina; Dana in Los Angeles; and Heidi Collins began maternity leave as her family welcomed a new son.

Thursday, Suzanne was in New York City; Nic Robertson is in Helmond Province, Afghanistan. Friday, Suzanne was in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

That's it for me this week... enjoy your weekend! 

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Mavis said...

I really enjoy your "where in the world" episodes each week!

Peter looked dashing, as always!

MWmcFan said...

Excellent post Cyn. Since I can’t stomach watching CNN anymore with all their campaign garbage, I did miss those few important interviews with Peter Bergen and Nic Robertson. Thank you for showing these clips.