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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Real Story in Election '08...CNN's Magic Wall

So we are now in month 15 or 16 (although it feels much longer) of the 2008 Presidential campaign and at this point what is everyone talking about? No it is not Obama, Clinton or McCain. The real story of the election season is CNN’s John King and his Magic Wall.

A reader of ATC sent an email to me the other day about the New York Times article about John King and his “magic wall” by Jacques Steinberg. Ms. Phebe used it in her post over at ATA on Tuesday night but I thought it would be a great for tonight’s post. To read Jacques' article click here.

Not only is the New York Times talking about the magic board but so is MTV News. Tim Kash of MTV News recently went to CNN and spoke with John King on Pennsylvania primary night. To read Tim’s account click here.

Also in keeping with the election coverage, Beet TV interviewed Live anchor Melissa Long Tuesday night on covering the elections live for the CNN website. To see the video interview, click here.

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Anonymous said...

John King's magic wall has finally made him a well deserving star. Read the NYT article. Without his technical know-how, the CNN broad cast would just be another Fox News, boring. Good for him!!

J in LA said...

John King and his "magic board" is the talk of the media - and well deserved!
J in LA