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Friday, April 25, 2008

Updates: Snow, Quest, & Cafferty

How about a few updates tonight?

Jack Cafferty’s remarks have occasionally gotten him into trouble. But has CNN ever been sued for $1.3 billion before? The following is an excerpt of a report from Reuters:

A Chinese primary school teacher and a beautician have filed a suit against CNN in New York over remarks they say insulted the Chinese people and are seeking $1.3 billion in compensation -- $1 per person in China, a Hong Kong newspaper reported.

In New York, Liang Shubing, the beautician, and Li Lilan, a Beijing-based elementary school instructor, claimed Cafferty's words insulted all Chinese people and "intentionally caused mental harm" to the plaintiffs, the Ta Kung Pao newspaper reported on Thursday.

"The $1.3 billion averages out to $1 per Chinese person, so it isn't much," the newspaper quoted a lawyer as saying.

Cafferty has been doing his best to stay out of any further trouble this week, but sometimes his viewers’ comments have the potential to put him into hot water:

The Guardian reported that Richard Quest has entered drug rehab.

"At this time, CNN's primary concern is for his health and wellbeing. We look forward to Richard returning to CNN International," [CNN] said in a statement.

A CNN spokesman declined to "speculate" on when Quest would return to the network he joined in 2001. He began his career as a BBC news trainee in 1985 and spent 16 years at the corporation.

And finally tonight, Tony Snow has been released from the hospital and was on The Situation Room today with Wolf Blitzer. Snow wasn’t hospitalized for exhaustion as was originally reported.

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Cyn said...

Great, another stupid lawsuit. Gee, can I sue the president for all the mental stress HE has caused me for the past eight years?

Good news about Richard Quest. I hope he does well and that CNN keeps him on. He's a character, but he's also a good reporter.

I dislike Tony Snow more than I can say, but I'm glad he's okay, too. (I just wish he'd gone somewhere else to be a talking head, damnitall!)

Sapphire said...

Loved hearing Wolf talk about skipping school. Very cute. I use to skip school to see celebreities at Much Music (JR old stomping ground)

Glad to hear Tony Snow is doing better

All the best to Richard!