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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Snips & Clips

I have three clips for you tonight. The first… if you were watching Monday’s American Morning did you catch on to what John Roberts really wanted to talk about? Here snippets from the 6AM ET and 7AM ET hours of the program:

I don’t go anywhere without my cell phone but I have to admit the idea of rampant cell phone use on US flights just horrifies me. The noise level of even half of the people on a packed flight trying to talk on their cell phones would be challenging. Maybe I’m just getting old but I still like being able to say, “I’m about to get on a flight and I won’t be able available for the next 3 hours.”

The next clip comes from today’s Issue #1. Do you find yourself looking for ways to pinch pennies? Gerri Willis talks to David Bach about ways to go green and still save money.

What struck me the most about the interview is that little changes could make a big difference over the course of a year and they happen to be eco- friendly. Not everything that he recommends is practical for everyone, but it might be something to consider.

My last clip is a CNN commercial that caught my ear the other day…

CNN doesn’t use the James Earl Jones “This is CNN” in very many of their commercials anymore (although you do hear it right before certain programs) and it really caught my attention when I heard it at the end of this commercial. I’m just waiting for CNN to get Mr. Jones to record their latest catch phrase, “… part of the best political team on television…”

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Anonymous said...

John Roberts needs to be more involved in
CNN's political coverage I would much rather
see him than Lou Dobbs. I hope they eventually
give him a show of his own. With has deep
resume maybe they could give him the noon
hour with a news program that covers politics,
international news, national news and the big
stories of the day at noon. Hey even throw in
some pop culture and internet segments.

Anonymous said...

I am posting here because I am having some
troubles on the sister blog. My google account
does not seem to work right. I think
Erica should anchor when Anderson is off,
She did anchor on Headline News after all
I do think putting David Doss in charge of both shows is good. He has done
an amazing job with 360. I guess the suits
are hoping he can come up with something
for the 8pm hour as well. In less than 2 years
look at how far 360 has come. He deserves
to be in charge of the prime time news shows.
I think the problem with Campbell's show is
there is just too much politics and way too
much talk (how about an hour free from
talk radio people, pundits and political
partisans}. CNN has the best reporters on
the planet and a news organization that
nobody can touch. Of course if there is
big political news happening that day that
is something different. Take for instance
the fire at the elderly home in Detroit
with the dramatic video of the residents
being rescued and the flames. I would like
to know about the training to be prepared
for something like this and how things
unfolded on the ground. Please give us
some news for the hour.

J in LA said...

I'll use Phebe's line from ATA the other night which I first heard on an early episode of The West Wing by Press Secretary SJ Cregg....
Cell phone usage on airplanes - JUST SHOOT ME NOW!
J in LA

JRHot said...

I agree with anonymous, JR is great at the political coverage. BUT....I do like seeing him in the morning, it makes my mornings at work go faster. Plus, I like the times he gives us a view into his life outside of the newsroom. I'm also liking the segments when Ali is sitting out there with them at the desk and talking. It makes it more like my family does when we sit around the table and discuss the news and everything that is going on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with j in la: cell phone usage in the air is a terrible idea. Even on Amtrak there are quiet cars for a reason. And in the air, speaking of mixed signals, it is dangerous. I've come to the conclusion, this Congress, must sit and think of really bad ideas and the best bad one wins.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite certain, if Anderson wanted Erica to fill in for him he certainly has enough pull at CNN to make it happen.