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Thursday, May 22, 2008

CNN Followups

Tonight I want to give some followups on some previously posted items.

This past Saturday Betty Nguyen was awarded with the Young Texas Exes award. TJ Holmes and Alina Cho shared some clips from the award ceremony.

Not to be outdone Tony Harris and Jacqi Jeras got in on celebrating Betty's award on Monday morning's News Room.

Also on Monday morning during News Room Tony Harris and Betty Nguyen announced that Heidi Collins will be returning from maternity leave next week.

Two weeks ago I posted that Larry King would be appearing on an episode of "Ugly Betty" The episode aired last Thursday and I clipped Larry's brief appearance in the episode.

Ms. Phebe posted that "American Morning" has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy award. CNN has been airing this commercial since the nomination. I really enjoy Kiran Chetry in the ad but it seems like ages ago she left for maternity leave so it was nice to see her in this commercial.

To all our American readers, I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend ~ Sapphire

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