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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Little CNN Gossip

We've mentioned several times recently the upcoming nuptials for the Chairman of the Board, John King, and his lovely fiancee Dana Bash. With the protracted Primaries we weren't sure if the newlyweds would be getting right back on the campaign trail, taking a long weekend or a well deserved honeymoon. It seems our curiosity was answered this week when John Roberts said he'd be taking over at the magic maps for the remainder of Primary season. If I understood him correctly he'll be in the Election Center for the last two Primary Tuesdays (and blearily eyed on the following morning).

Have you ever wondered about the hobbies of some of the CNN reporters and anchors? I was more than a little surprised to see Richard Roth reporting for American Morning, on Monday, from a horse track. Who know RR liked to follow the ponies? John Roberts poked a little fun at the usually very serious Mr. Roth. Take a look.

A reader recently sent along some pictures from a surprise birthday party held to honor CNN's President Jon Klein. The party was planned by Mr. Klein's beautiful wife Jennifer and the occasion was his 50th birthday. The event was held in NYC on March 22 and attended by many of the honorees CNN associates.
Jon & Jennifer Klein

Yes that is Katie Couric, greeting Mrs. Klein, right behind Anderson Cooper. Looks like a great party, I guess our invitations got lost in the mail (just as they did for the King Bash wedding)? Have a great week everybody. ~ Phebe

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Sapphire said...

Great photos Ms. Phebe. Everyone loves alittle gossip sometimes ;)

To bad about our invites haha

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Seems like a good time was had
by all.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen the new graphics on
Headline News. Now maybe they can bring
the news back as well. I wonder if CNN is
tweaking it's graphics as well. It looks like
they are redesigning some during Campbell's
and Anderson's programs.

Anonymous said...

Do you think AC will attend the wedding? He most assuredly was invited as was the rest of John King's CNN kronies?

Anonymous said...

Anderson looks a little lonely sitting there by himself.

Cyn said...

Does anybody recognize the posters on the wall in the pic of Anderson? "Buffalo Soldiers" (which Klein wrote) is the one on the right, but what are the other two from?"