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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Comedy Relief

After a very long and intense week with the tragedy in Myanmar (Burma) and the intense elections in North Carolina and Indiana. I thought I would lighten things up a bit.

On Thursday May 1st. Veronica De La Cruz filed a report on slang and at the end Veronica quizzed John Roberts and Kyra Phillips on some computer/text slang. One of the two anchors certainly knows their slang.

Laughs all around on this Wednesday afternoon's News Room. Who doesn't love naked stupidity. Don Lemon, Brianna Keilar and Stephanie Elam sure seemed to get a kick out of the story.

Tonight I leave you with news for all the fans of Larry King. Set your VCR/PVR's. Larry King will be guest appearing on the ABC sitcom "Ugly Betty" next Thursday May 15th. Below is a picture of Larry with Eric Mabius who plays "Daniel Meade". I am super excited to watch this episode.

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