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Sunday, June 29, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Last Sunday, I asked who you thought was the better American Morning coanchor. The votes have been ocunted and the results:

Kyra Phillips came out ahead with 69% of the votes.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment and vote in the poll!

Former CNN Newsnight anchor, Aaron Brown, is coming back to television on Tuesday, July 1st as the host of "Wide Angle," a weekly foreign affairs documentary series. PBS recently posted a short Q&A with him to their website. Here’s an excerpt of Five Good Answers from Aaron Brown:

What is your take on the news coverage in the run up to the invasion of Iraq?

This is such a complicated question I'm not sure this is the right place to kick it around. So let me just say this: I wish I had done better.
I don't think I did badly, that I made horrible editorial decisions, but I do think they could have been better, that skeptics could have appeared more often and (especially) received better placement in the program.

I think this is generally true in the business but I am a lot more comfortable talking about my own mistakes than others'.

But again, I do believe this whose coverage question is hugely important and very complex and just think there is a better forum than this to deal with its complexity.

What have you missed most since leaving daily broadcast journalism?

Less than I thought.

I miss the staff of course. The people I worked with at CNN were incredible.

For some reason, I missed reporting Virginia Tech. The presidential campaign, of course, has been great fun and great history. I'm not sure I have missed the day to day of it but there were days when it would have been a hoot.

That said, I really like the road life has taken me down and hardly sit around thinking about what I miss. I have far too much.

You're a journalist, but you're also a teacher. What is the single most important piece of advice someone has given you?

If the facts are wrong, the story fails, regardless.

It doesn't matter how well you wrote it, how pretty are the pictures, how wonderful is the editing and producing and all the rest. An error of fact fails the piece.

Below is a preview of Tuesday night’s program: Heart of Darfur: An eyewitness account of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

If you don’t have a local PBS station, you can view the program on PBS’ website after it airs.

On Wednesday, John Roberts filled in for Gerri Willis and Ali Velshi on Issue #1. During a news break, Don Lemon questioned if Roberts was up too late:

Also on Wednesday, Kyra Phillips ran into a glitch at the beginning of CNN Newsroom: no script & no teleprompter.

Even members of the best political team on television can get tongue tied over this year’s political season. Wolf Blitzer had fun describing a new politically themed soda.

And my last clip for tonight, Larry King had James Carville on the program and he showed a clip of Luke Russert doing a pretty good imitation of him.

One last item tonight… I found a few high resolution pictures of John King at Sen. Clinton’s June 7th concession speech. Photo credit: afagen. Click on the images to view at their full size.

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maxie1218 said...

I agree with the AM anchor poll. I having nothing against the current host of AM, but I feel that Kyra Phillips has more experience in the field and a background/personality that fits well with a show that relies heavily on interviews.

As for Aaron Brown, I am really looking forward to his program on PBS!

a fan said...

I would have voted if Soledad was an option.