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Saturday, June 28, 2008

This Week in Warzones.

Jamie McIntyre had a piece on Lou Dobbs Tonight Tuesday contrasting the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Here is the full report from Nic Robertson that Jamie referenced:

Meanwhile, two somewhat positive reports from Iraq -- first Jill Dougherty, about a new movement for Iraqi women to receive training in order to work at checkpoints in order to search local women for bombs:

And Morgan Neill has a report about the Explosive Ordinance Detail (the bomb squad, for us non-military types) and the fact that they are getting more down-time these days:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christiane Amanpour was invited to North Korea for some implosion fun:

...and here is her report on arrival:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Nic Robertson reported from Kabul, Afghanistan; John Vause from Beijing; Matthew Chance from Moscow; and Cal Perry from Beirut.

SUNDAY: Peter Bergen appeared on Late Edition.

MONDAY: Ed Lavendera was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as flood clean-up began; Morgan Neill reported from Baghdad (video above); Chris Lawrence from Honolulu, Hawaii about the high cost of food there (above); Candy Crowley and Dana Bash were both in The Situation Room; Wolf Blitzer hosted Election Center.

TUESDAY: Nic Robertson phoned in from Kandahar about the airport fire (video above); Jill Dougherty reported from Baghdad about the Daughters of Iraq (video above).

WEDNESDAY: Ted Rowlands reported from Los Angeles about drilling for oil in the city; Ali Velshi reported from Fort McMurry, Alberta about bitumen oil; Christiane was in Beijing en route to North Korea; John Roberts hosted Issue #1.

THURSDAY: Christiane arrived in Pyongyang, North Korea (video above); Suzanne Malveaux was in Honolulu to do reports about Barack Obama's childhood there; Harris Whitbeck reported about the drug wars in Mexico City.

FRIDAY: Candy was in Unity, New Hampshire for the "Kumbaya rally," but back in DC in time for Election Center and AC360.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's it for me today, and I'm late for work (...again!!)

Monday I'm planning a Very Special Post ... and I am really looking forward to writing it!!

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