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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun Clip Thursday

Tonight I thought I would share some great moments from CNN this past week.

Last Friday was Kyra Phillips last day of filling in for Kiran Chetry while Kiran was out on maternity leave. With the rising cost of airline tickets and new luggage charges, master of the prop, Ali Velshi brought out one of Kyra's suitcases to get the point across.

Friday brought us the third installment of the Washington Trio's reports (Zain Verjee, Tom Foreman and Jamie McIntyre). At the end of the piece Zain Verjee joined John and Kyra. What happened next has to be one of the funniest intros I have ever seen. Also the best reaction award goes to John Roberts. This clip is so funny it was Jon Stewart's moment of zen Wednesday night.

John began and ended Friday's American Morning letting the viewers know it was Kyra's last day on American Morning. Only Kyra would add her own flare to the fist bump.

Monday morning was Kiran Chetry's first day back on the job after her two month maternity leave. The end of the show had some cute pictures of Kiran's two beautiful children. Phebe posted the first pics of baby Christopher and he has certainly grown since those pictures were taken

Thursday morning John Roberts learned how freeing not wearing pantyhose is to women. Seems that Kiran, Heidi Collins and Tony Harris have a good laugh.

You know we are living in a world when people are introduced as a web address. Ali Velshi and Poppy Harlow had a cute moment during Issue #1's Quick Vote segment.

I did check and as of this posting no one has bought that site domain name.

Every afternoon edition of CNN News Room ends with the closing bell on Wall St. Before the closing bell a piece aired on people who spend $15 on a single cup of coffee. Betty Nguyen, Don Lemon and Stephanie Elam discussed the idea out this "expense"

What would a week be hear at ATC with a Daily Show with Jon Stewart clip regarding something that aired on CNN. Jon was covering the coverage of the Midwest floods. Gary Tuchman, Don Lemon and Susan Roesgen all made appearances.

Hope you enjoy these light hearted moments from this past week in CNN. Until next week ~ Sapphire

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Phebe said...

That's just my favorite type of post. Thank you for the smiles.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys noticed that Kyra seems to be
anchoring from NYC these days. She is back
to anchoring the CNN Newsroom with Don
Lemon but they are in different studios.
I wonder if this means Atlanta is getting
a makeover. That set does look ancient as
far as tv news is concerned.

JRHot said...

I loved seeing those again. Now I can show my hubby what I have been laughing about. Words just don't do the clips justice.
I wish they would leave Kyra with John....those two flow together so much better than John & Kiran.