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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catching Up

First let me thank everyone who participated in the nominating process for our Hottest CNN Personality contest. We are putting together the polls and voting will begin soon.

Yes the lovely Kyra Phillips was one of our readers nominee's in the Hottest CNN Anchor (female) group. What's more important than winning ATC's 'Hottest' title? Maybe for Kyra it would be The Atlanta Press Club's National Television Journalist of the Year award she won recently.

Phillips has been anchoring her midday news program from New York since she finished subbing for Kiran Chetry (while Kiran was on maternity leave from American Morning). A CNN spokesperson told TVNewser Phillips plans to continue broadcasting from NYC through mid-August, when she expects to return to anchoring from Atlanta.

In related news American Morning's exec producer, Janelle Rodriguez said. “Last month (June), American Morning saw its best ratings in nearly two years among total viewers". Would those 'best ratings' have been when Kyra Phillips was at the anchor desk with John Roberts.? Hmm, need to do some further research on that one.

Part 1 of CNN's documentary Black in America aired on Wednesday evening. Its host, Soledad O'Brien, appeared on AC360 with Anderson Cooper to talk with guests from the documentary and further explore the issues of being black in America.
Part 2 will air at 9PM ET tonight and again there will be follow up discussion and exploration of the issues on AC360, immediately following BIA.
Earlier today (noon on Thursday) Soledad hosted a live, one-hour online special entitled Black in America: Your Reaction on CNN.comLive.
Black in America was filmed in high definition and will air on CNN/U.S., CNN HD and CNN International. The series will be available on iTunes and on video on demand (VOD) 24 hours following the premiere. Viewers should check with their local cable providers for VOD availability

Speaking of blockbuster documentaries CNN is in the process of filming Planet in Peril 2 with Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Lisa Ling. Here is the trailer that aired on Wednesday's AC360.

And I'll leave you today with a few caps of CNN's reporters blowing in the wind as Hurricane Dolly made landfall on Wednesday.
Gary Tuchman

Reynolds Wolf

Susan Roesgen (screengrab courtesy of TVNewser)

Ed Lavandera
Have a great week and I hope to see you back her soon. ~Phebe

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