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Thursday, July 10, 2008

CNN Exclusives and Clips

If you receive Robin Meade's daily newsletter, you will have heard that Robin has been away for a few days on a special assignment. Well it was revealed today on most CNN programming that Robin got the first one-on-one interview with the three American former hostages who had been in held in captivity in Colombia for the last five years.

To see more of the interview, you can check out Morning Express with Robin Meade on Friday morning at 6AM and you can also check out a couple of blog posts that Robin wrote about on her blog.

This Saturday and Sunday night at 8PM EST Don Lemon hosts a special called "Daughters of Legacy".

"To the world, they are activists, leaders, icons. But these women know them as "Dad." The daughters of MLK, Ali, Malcolm X, Johnnie Cochran and Sidney Poitier... in their first conversation, together."

Tonight I leave you with a few clips from the past week on CNN programming.

During Saturday morning's News Room the love and hugs were spread all around in the newsroom. It is to nice to see how much Veronica, TJ, Josh and Reynolds enjoy working with each other.

During Sunday night's special "The Survival Project: One Child at a Time". A few celebrities made an appearance. I clipped the segment with Clay Aiken, Nicole Ritchie, Al Roker and others.

On Monday afternoon's News Room during an interview with Ringo Starr and Kyra Phillips, Larry King joined in on the phone and sang Happy Birthday to Ringo.

Have a terrific week everyone ~ Sapphire

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1 comment:

Phebe said...

I posted the entire Robin interview with the freed hostages on our sister blog All Things Anderson on Friday night.