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Thursday, July 31, 2008

CNN Investigates and Comedy As Well

Amanpour, CNN Investigate Tibetan Buddhist Struggles, Political Unrest in Myanmar
One-Hour Buddha’s Warriors Documentary Premieres Saturday, Aug. 2, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT)

Expanding upon her award-winning investigative series God’s Warriors, CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour reports in a new documentary that examines the nexus of politics and faith. For Buddha’s Warriors, Amanpour explores a new generation of Buddhists who are actively engaged in political struggle. These believers of love, kindness and nonviolence struggle to remain true to their beliefs while at the same time confronting severe political and cultural oppression. The one-hour documentary will air on Saturday, Aug. 2, and Sunday, Aug. 3, at 8 p.m., 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. All times Eastern.

In Buddha’s Warriors, Amanpour investigates the roots of the conflict between Chinese authority and ethnic Tibetans. Nearly 50 years ago, the Dalai Lama fled Tibet after a failed uprising against communist rule. Tibetans say that all but 13 of 6,000 Buddhist monasteries were destroyed under Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976. Those that have been rebuilt are now under the close, watchful eye of the Chinese government. Monks there say that they are forced to denounce the Dalai Lama and swear allegiance to China.

“Whether intentionally or unintentionally, some type of cultural genocide is taking place,” the Dalai Lama tells Amanpour in the documentary. “Present situation is, [the] Tibetan nation [is] actually facing death.”

The Chinese government declined several CNN requests for interviews, but the documentary does include the viewpoints of Chinese people who believe Tibet is rightfully part of China, and comments from a Chinese expert who says the Tibetans are better off under Chinese rule.

In March 2008, tensions reached a boiling point. The Dalai Lama explained his dilemma to Amanpour in a candid interview filmed the week before violent clashes between Tibetan activists and Chinese troops in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa. He advocates a “middle way” – Tibetan autonomy under Chinese rule. Many of his followers, however, have grown impatient for more freedom and want complete independence from China.
Amanpour also interviews some exiled Tibetan activists in India who have led the latest protests for greater freedom and independence. Some say the Dalai Lama’s “middle way” has failed to stop the huge migration of ethnic Chinese into Tibet, stoking the resentment that exploded in the streets of Lhasa. Chinese authorities charge that the violence was instigated by the protestors for political gain. The violence so dismayed the Dalai Lama that he threatened to resign.

In Myanmar, formerly Burma, Buddhist monks are also at the forefront of political unrest. Amanpour meets the leaders of the September 2007 Saffron Revolution, now in hiding in Thailand. Monks marched from their monasteries in protest over high food prices and spreading impoverishment. The Myanmar junta, one of the world’s most brutal military dictatorships, reacted swiftly. Monks and other sympathizers and protestors were arrested and beaten, and some were even killed. A CNN team goes undercover into Burma itself to investigate the aftermath of the revolution. In clandestine interviews, monks vow to continue their fight.

Campbell Brown Investigates Falling Bridges for ‘Roads to Ruin’Schwarzenegger, Bloomberg, Rendell Join Discussion about Need for Immediate Action for Aug. 1 Special

CNN anchor Campbell Brown investigates the nation’s crumbling highways and bridges in a special report “Roads to Ruin: Why America is Falling Apart” airing this Friday, Aug. 1, at 8 p.m. (ET). Guests including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will discuss immediate steps needed to prevent further tragedy like last summer’s bridge collapse in Minnesota as well as emergency response to the recent California earthquake.

From highways and bridges to cars and airplanes during Thursday afternoon’s NewsRoom, Kyra Phillips and Don Lemon to travelling by car and plane to the test. Some funny moments involving a plastic doll were involved and I must say Don looked so adorable during this piece. Very cute indeed.

All Things CNN sends it warmest wishes to Howard Kurtz’s who celebrates his birthday on Friday August 1st.

I end my post tonight with a clip from Wednesday night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Jon takes a very interesting look at one of the new changes at American Morning. It is a good thing John Roberts is such a good sport, he probably got a kick out of it.

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1 comment:

Pati Mc said...

Hey Sapphire,

Thanks so much for the clip of The Great Race. Awesome piece and Don sure is hilarious. When he called that driver who cut him off a "weenie" a almost spit my coffee across the room. LOL. He is very cute, you are right there. Can't say I would want to carry a doll like Kyra did. Imagine the looks that she got. ha ha.

As an avid viewer of The Daily Show, I caught the JR piece. I too felt that JR would think it was funny and take in the spirit it was meant. Satire. Don King hair? LOL.

Thanks to all of you at All Things CNN. I miss a lot during the day while I am at work and can always count on you to catch me up. It is so nice to find all I am looking for in one place. You provide a very valuable service as far as I am concerned. Heartfelt thanks!

Have a wondersful weekend all. I am very excited to watch Christiane's "Budda's Warriors". She rules. =)