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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Mustache

Congratulations to the American Morning anchors, reporters, crew and executive producer Janelle Rodriguez on their first win this year for the entire 3 hour program (A25-54 demo) on Monday. Here's an example of some of the fun that was wedged between the hard news of the morning.
If you've ever wanted to hear Richard Roth ask Kiran Chetry "Don't you want to touch it?" this is the clip for you! It's actually RR explaining how NY Yankee Jason Giambi's mustache has put the team on a winning streak.

Mr. Roth brought mustaches for the whole crew of are a few more pictures.

Which got me to thinking...what would some of our other favorite CNN personalities look like with a mustache?

And for those at CNN who have embraced the mustache...

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Anonymous said...

I do not watch American Morining but I do watch Jon Stewart. On his most recent show of July 31st, I was shocked to learn that CNN's morning show played "bump and grind music as segways into morning news, some of it catastrophic in nature. What gives here? I'm not awake at that hour but if I were I wouldn't think of watching a show that really doesn't take news seriously. How low will Jon Klein stoop for those 18-54? May I remind him and the rest of the media, it's the baby-boom generation that's holding trillions of dollars, not the eighteen year olds, teeny boppers and all those under 50. And guess what? We also vote in larger numbers too. When is this advertising media going to wake up??
As for Mr Stewart, he got it right with his satirical view of CNN. You go Jon and he's under 50.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 12:00, I thank you for your very astute, insightful comment concerning American Morning. I'm sure Jon Stewart would be so proud of you for avoiding hard news and trusting Comedy Central's TDS for the real truth.
And if I may offer a few's bump music, not bump and grind music. One is a television term, the other a strip club term. Maybe you've given us a little clue as to why you are still sleeping when AM airs?
Your other error is the term 'segway' that you in transition. In television it's a segue....Segway is a transportation device. I think I learned this on American Morning....while you were getting those extra 40 winks.

Pati Mc said...

You go Phebe! Great response.

As for Anderson with a thanks. Perfect just as he is. LOL.

Sapphire said...

What a great clip....thanks for posting it. RR is quiet funny

JRHot said...

I finally have my computer back and I now I can respond. Anonymous.....go back to sleep. I agree with phebe. I personally loved the segment with the mustache. To see RR not as serious as he usually is is great. Hard news is good but every now and then you have to laugh and have a good time. JR looks good in a 'stache. He can tickle me anytime he wants to. :)
Thanks phebe for the post.