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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dr. Gupta, Do You Have A Clone?

I'm really impressed with the work ethic of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, but I'm also convinced he has a clone. In mid June he was in Africa filming segments for the next Planet in Peril 2. These two previews of his work aired the week of June 14th, on CNN's American Morning.

I don't think there was even time to unpack his suitcase before Sanjay headed to NOLA, where he and a group of CNN volunteers helped to build a playground in Pontiff Park in Metairie, Lousiana on June 28th. The playground had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
Gupta also taped an episode of 'House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta' from the build site, interviewing local community leaders who came out to help.

In July and August, the Fit Nation mobile tour will visit cities across the United States, including Dallas, Seattle, Minneapolis, Minn., and Columbus, Ohio.

The next event Dr. Gupta participated in was the National PTA convention held in San Diego, California the last week in June. Sanjay gave a keynote speech and did an interview with Dr. Maya Angelou, who also was a keynote speaker.

photo credit Harley Bonham

When did Sanjay fit in this? Dr. Gupta's 'The Survival Project, One Child At A Time' will air this Sunday, July 6, at 8 p.m. on CNN. The special was filmed at the Alliance Theater inside Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. Guests include UNICEF ambassador Lucy Liu and Good Charlotte musician Joel Madden who will speak about their experiences with UNICEF.

And there is more......CNN must not be keeping Sanjay busy enough because he popped up on CBS Evening News on Tuesday night with a special report on pain and how it affects babies that he filmed in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In addition to his grueling CNN schedule he has an active practice in Atlanta and also writes frequently for Time Magazine.

I'm exhausted just trying to keep you up to speed with Dr. Gupta. But by now I assume I've convinced you that he must have a clone?

Until next week~Phebe

Happy Birthday to Rick Sanchez and Bill Schneider! And a special thanks to BA for help with the embed and research.

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ACAnderFan said...

Good grief Sanjay is certainly a busy man. Well that made me tired just reading all that. That poor man needs to take time for himself and rest before he gets sick.

Anonymous said...

YAY DR. GUPTA! He seems like a great person, and I hope to be in Minneapolis and Seattle during the Fit Nation tour! I hope I can meet him!!

You're right Phebe, he's got to have a clone...or manages to have a day longer than 24 hours that no one knows about ;)


Sapphire said...

I love that first pic with the two Sanjays.....vey cool. I love Sanjay!!!