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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Specials, Books and Clips

For all our readers who get CNNInternational. After negotiating 10 months for a visa to gain access to the war ravaged Darfur region of Sudan, CNN’s senior international correspondent Nic Robertson presents a half-hour special documentary "Darfur: Out of Control" which will be airing Sat. July 5: 0600, 1400, 1900 Sun. July 6: 0600 (All times GMT). To see more information about the special, you can check out the Darfur - Out of Control page on

For all the Morning Express with Robin Meade fans, you probably noticed that Robin has not been on this week Well Robin posted a blog post on the new Morning Express blog about her "working vacation".

Hello from my “working” vacation
Posted: 11:15 AM ET

Hi guys…

Many thanks to our fellow blogging viewers. YES! I do read all of your comments!
I’m not exactly on vaca this week…I’m actually working on my book, due out next year. A publishing company came to me and asked if I’d do it.
What subjects would interest you for this non-fiction/motivational/inspirational/how-to/autobiographical book? I already have a working plan, but would love to hear from you too.
So, keep posting your comments!

Alrighty…back to the working “vacation.” Miss ya!

Looking forward to seeing the end result of Robin's upcoming book.

What post would be complete without some fun clips on Thursday.

On Thursday June 26th during a segment of Anderson Cooper 360, Anderson Cooper asks David Gergen if he had a new side job.

During Friday June 27th Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer, Abbi Tatton and Jack Cafferty discuss so anti-Obama websites including PUMA.

For all the Poppy Harlow fans out there, Don Lemon and Kyra Phillips got the facts on Poppy during the afternoon edition of NewsRoom on Monday June 30.

On Tuesday July 1st, CNN pulled the ever running Pedegg ad from it's airwaves. Going into commercial Kyra Phillips, Don Lemon and Chad Myers had a quick preview of the story coming up after the break during NewsRoom . A few ewwws were certainly involved.

During Tuesday July 1st, Election Center Soledad O'Brien and Ali Velshi do a demonstration with falling Domino's to get the point across.

At the end of Wednesday July 2nd American Morning, John Robert forgot he would be back later in the day to host Situation Room. Kiran Chetry was happy to remind John that being on air for 6 live hours can do that to you. John considered a quick nap to which Tony Harris seemingly agreed.

To all our American readers, have a fun and safe Independence Day. Happy 4th of July to all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sapphire, that was a cute remark AC made to David Gergen about tele-marketing when he was on the PBS channel. Very funny exchange and David always brings very thought provoking comments to his panel discussions.

Anonymous said...

That segment with Ali is totally cool.
Give me more please. Creativity goes
a long way.