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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Working It Out

Last weekend, Wilf Dinnick did a piece on a women's basketball team in Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to compete in sports. They have to go to extraordinary lengths just to find an allowable place to practice:

Tuesday,  American Morning ran a John Zarella piece about the state government in Utah, which has gone to a four-day workweek. I love the 4/10s myself, but it must be tough for it to become mandatory:

John Roberts interviewed Gary Bertsen, former CIA agent in Afghanistan and author of Jawbreaker, about his latest (fiction) book and what needs to happen now in that country to stop the resurgence of the Taliban:

Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussed a recently released report that shows that troops are drinking more heavily after returning from the warzones. I know, you're thinking, "Duh!" but the numbers are shocking and the fact that the VA is so unprepared to offer real help to these guys is just tragic:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

Another quiet week, other than coverage of the Russian invasion of Georgia...

SATURDAY: Matthew Chance was near Tbilisi, Georgia to report on the war.

SUNDAY: Matthew was in Tskhinvali, South Ossetia; Frederik Pleitgen in Tbilisi.

MONDAY: John Roberts hosted The Situation Room from New York.

TUESDAY: Matthew was back in Tbilisi; Suzanne Malveaux hosted The Situation Room, as she also would Wednesday and Thursday.

WEDNESDAY: Candy Crowley was in Honolulu, covering the Obama vacation; Tom Foreman was in Sturgis, Michigan on board The Election Express; Jill Dougherty was in Moscow; John King* visited The Situation Room to discuss the Colin Powell (non)endorsement.

THURSDAY: Michael Ware* (above) reported from Gori and Tbilisi, Georgia.

Friday: Tom Foreman hosted The Situation Room.

*(One of our co-Hottest Male Reporters!) 

Have a great weekend... let's hope peace breaks out in Georgia!

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MWmcFan said...

Cyn, thank you for these clips I haven't seen this week for ATC.
I can't believe you were able to get together a post today considering how many hours you have put into putting up all of the clips of Mick's reporting in Georgia on your site. What a week it has been!
Please stay safe cnn journalists and crew!

Anonymous said...

HI, I think it';s pretty unfair that you usually say nothing about Morgan Neill's reports. I consider him one of the very best CNN correspondents and I believe there are plenty of people that do the same. Anyway, for your lack of informations, Neill is back in Cuba as Havana's Bereau Chief and did a greaty story about a baseball game between cuban and american baseballers playing together somewhere outside Havana.

All the best from Rep. of Kosovo

Cyn said...

mwmcfan, thanks -- it's been a crazy couple of days, I'd forgotten how much fun it is to go to work after pulling an all-nighter! Makes me feel like a college kid again! But the CNN crews are doing such fantastic work in Georgia; of course they always do!

anon @ 10:54, I did post several of Morgan's reports while he was in Baghdad, and he did some excellent work there. I didn't see him on-air this week, but I haven't yet viewed my recordings from today. If his report airs on Domestic, I will be glad to post it.

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry if I sounded a little bit harsh on you about M. Neill and thank you very much for your commitment. I will be waiting for any possible posts about his work. I truly like Morgan especially as a reporter, but i admitt, I like him very much as a handsome person as he really is, I am guilty about that. Thanks again and all the best

Prishtina, Kosovo